Help me decide, boy cube or jumbo?


Jun 7, 2011
San Diego
Hi Jennifee, I am an owner of both boy bags and of course this red jumbo. While it is true, that the gold boy is both beautiful and unique, I think this red jumbo is unique in that it has the RHW (some like, some don't), but the red is stunning. Chanel reds are different every season, and I have learned the hard way, that if you find a red you love, then snatch it up. I really regretted not buying the red lamb that Tutu bought (13C red lamb). I actually opted out because of a boy bag that I was lusting after. I still love my boy, but a great RED classic still trumps the boy in my opinion. Also, my classic flaps have held up a little better than my boys. I wear them equally the same. HTH. Either way, you end up with a beautiful bag :P
That is so helpful to know that the boy bags for you haven't held up as well. For me I only take out my Chanel's for dinners and little outings with the hubby because the rest of the time I'm with my 2 year old and although she is a total doll she can't keep her hands off my bags! I think I might go ahead and get the red and maybe hold onto the boy for a little longer and see which one I reach for first! I hope you post more pics of your outfit and red w/ RHW, you have great taste and style! Thanks for the advice it is greatly appreciated!