Help me decide...Black or Royal MAC?

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  1. I love them both! I will use it as an evening bag or light day bag mostly. Year-round. This will be my first MAC. Second RM bag (I own the MAMM in Paper White with Brown Basketweave). My go to black bag is the Foley & Corrina Small City Tote.

  2. Tough call! I always default to black - and I have a black MAC with GM HW that I LOVE, so I might be biased...
  3. I vote for ROYAL! It'll work all year round and you have a black bag already.
  4. Another vote for Royal. Add more colors to your collection!
  5. The royal and lining is pretty!
  6. can never go wrong with black
  7. for the sake of having various colors in your collection...i say go with the royal :biggrin:
  8. oy thats super tough .... i think since your using it day to night i would say go with black (and if you can find one) with a blue zip track!

    i got the navy croc mac as my first and its perfect for day to night and its not a black but since its navy it is dark enough (for my personal taste) to be a night bag worn with almost any outfit ... but since royal is so bright (and gorgeous) its perfect for day but i dont know if i personally would reach for it at night!
  9. ^^^oh sorry i was thinking of bright royal from the fall 09 collection

    navy is nice actually!
  10. black!!!!!!!! my black mac was my very first RM and i love her so!! i'm wearing her today --- blurry iphone pic @ the office

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  11. I second this! Black is most versatile!
  12. Royal there will always be a black mac that you can get later!
  13. I say black. I think it's more versatile overall.
  14. i'm not a fan of royal (ducking!), so i would vote for black. it all comes down to your personal taste, though. :smile: