help me decide: black,beige or white for my next classic?

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help me decide ... between:

  1. black with gold h/w

  2. white with silver h/w

  3. beige with gold h/w

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. recently i have something for the classic flap ... sudden love :heart: .. not that i don't love them before .. they are my favoraite chanel style .. but maybe the fact of the price increasing make me want to have them in all the basics color before the end of the year ... so am now saving for my next classic ..

    i have 2 classics one is the beige canvas with matt silver h/w .. and my new blush caviar with silver h/w... so what would you suggest for my next to be?

    1- the black (w/g/hw)?
    2- white (w/s/hw)?
    3- beige (w/g/hw)?

    to tell you the truth i want the beige with gold h/w soo badly :sad: ... but i would love to hear form you all :heart:

  2. If you love the beige and want the beige w/gold hardware, then that is the bag you should get! It's a beauty, you wouldn't regret it.
  3. I love beige w/gold hw. Others may say get the black since you don't have a black Chanel, but I say get what you will wear most, even if it means having two beige bags.
  4. get white! I dont like the color of beige its too caramel color! I like the light beige color better!!
  5. i voted before i read that you wanted beige badly. Since you've already decided, get what you love!! Since you want beige so much, you must have many things to match it with. makes life a lot easier.

  6. :smile:
  7. get either beige or black, since the blush is close to being white.
  8. I have the beige w/ gold hardware. It's lovely. The gold complements the beige color nicely and it gleams too. White is too hard to take care of. There are alot of lovely black chanel styles out there so I prefer getting a non-classic flap style in black. Then again my black/ dark colored chanels are daily bags and my classic flaps are for special occasions when I want to dress up and match.
  9. If you love the beige, get that one! The others are gorgeous too, but you can save them for next time! :graucho:
  10. Since the bags you currently have are light colored I voted for the black one.
  11. I voted for white with silver hardware. Even though you want the beige with gold hardware, I think that the one you already have is enough. I don't believe in the matching rule, but if you do, then definitely follow your heart's desire!! :heart:
  12. Although I don't personally have the white, the pictures of fellow pf'ers with it look awesome. It looks like it would go with so much.
  13. white! errr.. all of em! hehe!
  14. SInce you have the blush w/silver, maybe the beige w/gold would be nice. The combo is really nice.
  15. I voted white with silver! Can't go wrong with it and it wil be beautiful for summer!