Help me decide Birthday bag

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I am IN LOVE with the dionysus gucci bag in Taupe suede. However, yesterday I saw the LouLou YSL bag in medium and fell in love too. Please help me decide! What are your thoughts on each?
  2. Think about it and let it stew for a few weeks - if you have only just seen the loulou the feeling might wear off!
    Both are beautiful, classic bags. Personally, I slightly prefer the loulou but I’m not such a big fan of suede, and everyone has different taste.
  3. Yes to Gucci. No to ysl.
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  4. If you are even considering g a Loulou you should read of all the issues some are experiencing (Saint Laurent Forum)

    Dionysus is so much more, ggorgeous
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  5. oh wow! I didnt know some were experiencing issues, ill check it out. Have you heard of any issues with the dionysus?
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  7. Dionysus all the way. YSL quality is questionable! And the Dionysus is so much more beautiful :smile:
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  8. I like them both, sorry no help :amuse:

    But I would go with the bag that goes best with your wardrobe.