help me decide. Birkin or Jewelry?

  1. Ok TPF. I have done the research. I have realized I have to pay a reseller for an overpriced Birkin because I don't live anywhere near a store. So here is the question. I just recieved stock benefits which are purely for fun and do not affect me financially whatsoever. My husband will never buy me a handbag as much as a birkin costs in my lifetime. This is my only play money I will ever have without my husbands say in it. I have always wanted a Birkin.
    But there are other desires of course... A Van Cleef and Arpels Magic Alahambra Necklace with a 6 point motif and a Chaumet White Gold, double chain, Half Diamond Paved, Spider Web Necklace with an Amythest middle. Both pieces of jewelry are easily obtainable unlike the birkin. AND this type of jewellry will be heriloom quality.
    An overpriced birkin costs just as much as both pieces of jewelry. So do I buy the jewelry or the bag? I feel bad cashing in stock money to buy something overvalued. I feel like I should buy something worthy at fair retail value, but I don't think my husband will ever fork over cash for an overpriced birkin from a reseller.
    So what does a gal do? Does she splurge on an overpriced bag of her dreams from a reseller or does she buy baubles of her delight at fair value that will stay in great value? And should I just wait to find a birkin on eBay, talk my husband into it, find one in Paris, or here is a creative- when I am in a five star hotel in Europe make my butler go to the Hermes store and fetch me a birkin (with a large tip involved)...
  2. the jewelry is a much better investment and long term value. the corners dont get worn on an alhambra necklace. the value doesnt fall the more it is used............i do have both. But beautiful high quality jewelry is without equal ..............the birkin will come some day
  3. I vote for the birkin. Somebody once explained to me when I started wearing glasses (after being told they are AGE-related! I was SO insulted!) that you should never skimp on your glasses frames or even the lenses, because you wear them every day.

    So the real question for you is: would you wear the jewelry a lot, or would it be "special occasion"? If the answer is special occasion, get the birkin, because believe me, you will wear it every day and enjoy it every day! And it's shown that it will stand the test of time - it's been fashionable for a long time, and will be for years to come. The others here will let you know more about how/where to get one if that's what you choose. Oh, and I think all the jewelry you mentioned is first-rate, too. Best of luck to you!
  4. I can't stand ever paying more than I have to for something. Do you travel? If you do, you might be able to buy a Birkin or order one while on a trip. Is this stock benefit something that will happen again or is it a one-time thing? Do you have lots of lovely jewelry? Will your husband buy you jewelry?

    I'd take my time and not let this money burn a hole in my pocket. It's a BIG decision.
  5. This is the perfect place to ask this question......these women have TONS of knowledge about both things. I think you need to ask yourself if the intrinsic value of the jewelry is important, and if you have a daughter to pass it along to? It's a gorgeous piece, and VCA holds its value very well. On the other hand, if you can get a Birkin from the Hermes store or at near retail, then it may be worth it (and not be abused by those obnoxious SA's). But to pay 50-100% over retail by those dealers.....that's a decision only you can make. I think those of us who shop at Hermes regularly realize how (unfortunately) rarely you'll ever be offered some of the great items: croc Birkins, 40cm Birkins, popular colors......even with spending a fortune on clothes and shoes. I offer you very good karma and good luck......and CONGRATULATIONS on earning this stock.:tup:
  6. Well to be fair, a $10K pricetag on a Birkin isn't exactly a 50-100% markup; after tax, a "regular" Birkin is in the $8K range at Hermes.

    Several others have raised a good question: is a piece of jewelry going to be an everyday item, or saved for a special occasion? I think the same question applies to the H bag as well. Is it something that you will USE and enjoy and love and make a part of your lifestyle? If so, then to me personally it's a no brainer--husbands seem to "get" jewelry, but they don't understand Hermes for the most part unless you're seriously lucky and/or have trained them, LOL!!

    So for me, as one married woman to another, I would say use your mad money on something you know he will never consider getting for you. And that's the Birkin.
  7. I would get a birkin, with luck your Hubby will buy you nice jewels anyway, I can speak from experience, my FI is not keen on H (YET..), but he thinks nothing of buying me a Cartier Love Bangle and other jewels. So with your play money, get something you really really want. Remember CDL (a reseller) said that their sale starts in Jan!X
  8. I don't really care that much about jewelry :p. I've never bought a piece of jewelry in my whole life. The jewelries I own were given to me by my parents and my FH.

    IMO, go for the Birkin since you have the $. Your husband can always buy the jewelries for you.
  9. Honestly, jewelry, unless they are GIA certified, substantial diamonds, don't retain as much value when you resell. Many jewelers might buy back *rocks* but they're not going to pay for jewelry - it doesn't matter how intricately the piece was made. Diamonds resold to the jewelers can be 90% of the price. Unless it's an exceptional piece of jewelry, you're not going to be the winning party of the sale.

    The Birkin, as odd as this situation sounds, is a better investment. There will definitely be takers. It's much rarer. I actually have a higher chance of buying a 1 carat diamond D color, VVS1 right now than getting a Birkin. Diamonds are rather abundantly around. The ones with resale value are big ones and colored ones. The "ordinary ones" might sell quickly, but it won't be hugely profitable.

    In order reap in the Birkin as an investment, it's better to buy direct from H. If you're close to NYC, you might just score because in the inventory thread Birkins and Kellys are constantly coming into the store and leaving just as quickly. Just look at eBay H bags from the 70s that can still sell for 5 digits. Impressive. You certainly didn't have to pay that much back then.

  10. she said jewelry (vca , etc) not diamonds.
  11. you have to decide two things: 1) what do you want most right now 2) what is your husband likely to buy you (keeping in mind he may not be willing to spend the money for the alhmabra necklace for some time either) we dont know him. You are getting uninformed advice: neither jewelry or hermes bags are an investment. An investment (technically speaking) pays you a dividend. A purchase with the hope of appreciation or the possibility of selling it is a speculation. If the economy is doing poorly the buyers for either a VCA necklace of a birkin are likely to be fewer and with lower dollar offers. You may have neither. I would not buy a birkin from a reseller unless you are paying no more than $2000 to $2500 more than the price. The reason is that the tax is in many cases built into the price as well as the fees for, say, ebay or paypal or whoever the re-seller got the bag from. Rarity of the bag may be more reason to pay a bit more. Most people who get the bags are buying a lot of other things from Hermes in order to get offered the bags. That is the Hermes strategy for selling the rest of their brand. It is actually a fair strategy. If they only sold bags they would go out of business. The scarves, perfume and other items make them more money money because of the volume of merchandise. Signed new jewelry from VCA, Tiffany etc etc is very desirable. I dont mean engagement rings: alhambra, lucky, schlumberger etc. Signed vintage pieces are even more collectible. But some pieces are not as desirable design-wise. And yes-Hermes bags can always be sold but so can jewelry. There are bags on ebay that have been for sale on and off for 2 and three years. Leather dries out--the bag is worn. This affects the price too. This is a splurge on a luxury item--buy what you want the most and that you will use the most --NOW. If your husband doesnt buy you that necklace for 10 years will you be disappointed? If you have to wait 5 years for another chance for a bag how will you feel?
  12. ^^good advice, I would still get a bag if I was the OP!Lol!x
  13. I would determine which item would get the most daily wear - the jewelry or the Birkin. If I would get more use out of the Birkin, then I would take a deeeep breath, take my time (a year?) and make every attempt to buy a Birkin through H. If not through H, then from a reseller who is reasonable in their markup.,

    I will splurge on things that I use on a regular basis. I hate to invest in "special occasion" items.
  14. :woohoo:Wow.....this is great advice and really how Hermes're not buying a Birkin, you're buying their $7,000 coats, their $900 shoes, their $1500 pants and stuff for seasons at a time.....then you're offered "the bag". It really does take a while before you can see one of these things, so if you go this route, the reseller is probably faster, unless you're really lucky. But this is great, great advice......
  15. great advice TPF! I love hermes and buy other items of theirs but by not living near a store i have a slim chance of getting a birkin from a store. A relationship with an SA is priceless. My husband is more likely to buy me jewelry than he is a $10,000 bag. I am not really looking to buy something for investment. This is strictly play money and is meant for me. I luckily don't have any bills to worry about. With that said I am leaning towards the Birkin, but if the stocks rally up a bit more in the next couple of weeks then I may be able to get a piece of jewelry and a birkin!