Help me decide between two rockstuds!

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  1. Hi all, with the sale going on and everything, I think I may take a leap and buy my first pair of rockstuds. There are two I have in mind, the block heel city sandal and the caged ballerina flat. The two are very similar in price.

    On one hand, I am more in need of a sandal, and the dark-brown color of the city sandal is more versatile. I think they look very cute as well, but they are not very "signature" Valentino. Another concern is that the highest size they have is EU 39, and I don't know if I would need a 39.5 or 40.

    On the other hand, I feel like the caged flat is more of a classic/iconic look, and the dark blue is, while not as versatile as the dark brown, still quite flexible in terms of pairing with outfits etc. However, I already wear closed-toed flat shoes basically every day, and am missing something more "summery". This shoe is available in an EU 40.

    Any advice? :thinking:

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  2. Hmmmm...Well I would say to order the brown and see if it fits, and if it does get, that one since you have so many closed toe shoes. Or you can always order both and return the one you don't want. With these sales, everything goes so quickly and you don't want to miss out!
  3. Can you order both and then return the one that you like least?
  4. I thought about ordering both but I think I am a bit hesitant to go over my budget so much since I only planned to splurge on the price of one, even though I know I would be returning one... I will be traveling soon and things will be hectic and I don't want to misplace the shoes or pass the return deadline! :sweatdrop: I am trying to just pick one :P but i do love both so i may pick up the other later in the year
  5. I would have said order the brown since I wanted that too. Lol... But go with the one you think you'd wear more often. If you are more of a flats girl, then go for the blue. I ended up skipping on the brown sandals coz I myself is a flats girl. Although I do not have much of that style in my shoe collection, I'd probably reach out to my flats more than the heeled sandal, so I took home two pairs of the caged flat sandals just coz I can't decide which color I like better. Haha. Goodluck! You can't go wrong with either one :smile:
  6. I love the sandal ones.
  7. I say get flats! I got a pair but need to exchange them for half size bigger. Hoping they have it. Good luck deciding!
  8. Love the blocked heel for summer
  9. Thanks for all the input everyone!! Unfortunately mssmelanie was super right.. the sale items do go super fast and now the block sandal isnt available in my size anymore :sad: i think I may just try a caged flat to see how it is :sweatdrop:
  10. The caged flat for sure! I have a few pairs of caged flats and I absolutely love them! Just to give a reference on size: I'm usually a 9 in most shoes, but I take a 39.5 in any Valentino shoes. Good luck & happy shopping! :smile:
  11. thanks for the tip! I ended up ordering a pair of ballet flats that were on sale in a 39.5; i am usually a size 9 as well so i hope they fit! the pattern and colors arent very neutral but i think they are pretty fun and summery and they definitely leave room for a pair of black ones in the future :biggrin: whereas i think if i had gotten the dark blue they'd be too similar!

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  12. those are cute! let us know how the sizing works far I am a 38 in the caged flats and the block heel.....
  13. they came in! i love the way they look; the colors and pattern are more harmonious than i expected (they arent too bold or tacky)! i got a 39.5 and i usually wear a 39. i think they fit perfectly, as they weren't too tight or too loose. however, i've got a nasty blister on my left heel already after wearing them for about 25min. i don't think it's the sizing, just the hard leather of the flats :sad:

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  14. Very pretty!!:smile:
  15. Thanks rdgldy!! :biggrin:
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