Help me decide between three Tiffany bracelet ideas!!!!

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  1. I'm trying to decide between the elsa peretti Tiffany DBTY bracelets and can't decide what to buy for layering with my current single yellow gold DBTY bracelet with one diamond
    Options to layer with mine
    1. X2 single rose gold diamond and x2 single yellow gold diamond (inc my YG single I already have)
    2. X1 three diamond rose gold and x1 three diamond yellow gold
    3. X1 five diamond YG OR RG

    Which would look sparkliest do you think without looking tacky or OTT

    Here they are on the website
  2. Also does anyone know if the diamonds are all the same size in each of these options ?
  3. the single diamond is 0.08 and the 3 diamond bracelet is 0.05.

    I vote for the 3 diamond it's gorgeous and no matter how your bracelet turns there's sparkle!
  4. If you click on "View Specifications", it should tell you what the total carat weight is. Just divide by the number of stations to get the size of each.
  5. Can you really alway see sparkle with the 3 diamond ? Does it make a lot of difference sparkle wise compared to a single diamond ? :smile:

  6. I wasn't sure if was correct to work it out like that thanks for the info?
    Is the size difference much?:smile:

  7. it definitely makes a difference! the diamonds are very close in size but the 3 diamonds looks amazing, I wear my 3 diamond platinum all the time the single diamond ones I take off and on constantly. both are gorgeous options but the YG 3 diamond is very beautiful:smile:
  8. my vote goes to 5 diamonds. these diamonds are subtle. so it's better to have more diamonds. I have it in 5 and love it. :biggrin:
  9. Five Diamond- the more diamonds the better
  10. That would be my choice too!
  11. Five diamonds
  12. Five diamonds for me too! It will be so pretty!
  13. Five diamonds :smile:
  14. Five diamonds!
  15. ita!