Help me decide between these two bags

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  1. Hi everyone...

    Need some help deciding on a bag. I'm torn between the two. Worried the Shopper will be too big. But need a good work bag. What do you think??



  2. Oh...the dimensions on the bags are -

    1. 10 h x 13 l x 4.5 w
    2. 8 h x 12 l x 4.5 w

    Does anyone have any pics wearing a 10" high bag? Seems awful big...
  3. I like the first one! Is that the shopper? It's gorgeous! Have you "tried them on"?
  4. I prefer the first one, also. The dimensions aren't as big as some of the huge bags that are out there now.
  5. I like the first one too. I have a Marc by MJ tote which is 14" *high* and yes, it's big, but not cumbersome. I love it cause I can put magazines in there and still zip it up completely!
  6. first one for sure
  7. Yes, the first one is the shopper. I haven't tried either one on.
  8. Oh gosh they're so small by my standards. LOL!
    I like the first one better.
  9. Definitely the first one!!
  10. oooo ooo shopper shopper!!! Can you imagine how celeb you'll look with that?? Although, I hear that supposedly smaller bags are going to be "in" soon.... ultimately it depends on what works best for you, but I'd still choose the shopper.
  11. I like the first one a lot :smile: Have fun!
  12. Number 1
  13. First one!
  14. The first one gets my vote as well, especially if you need a work bag.
  15. Ditto everyone else, the first one! it looks more grown up and put together.