help me decide between these beauties - sac de jour

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  1. hi ladies
    i need your opinion on these these two sac de jour
    help me decide please.
    thanks in advance:smile:

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  2. I'm always a sucker for a good blue, so that's my vote.
  3. 💙
  4. Both are beautiful but that blue is gorgeoussssss
  5. The front face of the pink one in particular looks very rumpled...? My vote is for blue.
  6. Blue

  7. yes, the pink one has slouchy structure.

    thanks for your fast comments.
    do you think it's a good investment to take this shade of blue?
  8. BLUE!

    I bought a camel/tan colored SDJ and I bought that color because I thought neutral is more safe and classy but I soon realized that it looked so boring. I honestly wish I went with red or blue (the blue in your photo is what I would get!).

    As for investment.. I don't know.. I think the lighter shade may show wear and tear more down the line so maybe blue will hold a little more value over the pink..

    And I had NO clue that SDJ had slouchy kinds?? I mean, don't people buy it for the structured look?
  9. sure. i prefer the structured look. definitely.
    the price for these bags is really interesting. 1298 euro. do you think it's good?
  10. Oh I honestly don't know about prices. I haven't shopped YSL in a long time! I am sure you can find current prices online and see if your 1298 euro is a good one.
  11. i bought the camel/tan and think it goes with all my outfits and all seasons. I think both are very pretty but i wanted a nontrendy color i would not get sick off. i have a lot of bright / special colors already from prada, celine, miu, chanel...

    the leather is smooth, buttery and beautiful on my camel bag and i absolutely love it. i actually get a lot of stares when using that bag irl

    the price depends on the size. is it the small size (which is second largest) then the current rrp is 2350 eur for the new sdj structure up from 1990 eur or so in dec 2015 (old structure)
  12. I'm beginning to even wonder if bag colors are "trendy" or not. I feel like styles come and go, but there will always be this-or-that color in style (no matter how bright - ex. the orange Birkin.) Memorable patterns and bag design/structure seem to what make a bag look dated (like the YSL Muse..! Colors are still in style per say, but it's a bag design of the past). And by "investment" I'm assuming you want the possibility of reselling the bag? By choosing a unique color as opposed to safe neutrals I believe you're just narrowing your buyer market, hopefully you won't have to sell the bag :smile:
  13. I would wait and buy a colour that is more durable..
  14. Blue vs poop color :smile: Blue...
  15. The blue is super nice :biggrin:

    I have the SDJ in black croc and I'm so happy with it! Regardless of which one you end up getting, I'm sure you'll love it.
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