Help me decide between the Vernis Rouge Brea MM or Rouge Alma?

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  1. Ladies, I am so torn between these two beautiful bags. Some things to consider is that I already have a yellow epi Alma. Although, I love the Alma shape and wouldn't mind having another of the same shape, part of me wants to diversify shapes. Secondly, I'm worried about the vachetta on the brea? The only bag with vachetta I have is the azur speedy and over the course of the past few years the vachetta has darked to almost black on some parts (maybe this can be cleaned) but it just looks dirty. I'm afraid that will happen to the vachetta on the brea. Should I just avoid the hassle and go with the Alma? Although, I do love the brea shape as well, it is really the vachetta that has me concerned. Gah...what to do?? Thanks.
  2. I find that the darkened vachetta on a dark coloured vernis bag looks quite alright, as the contrast will not be as strong as say, the azur. Brea MM is a beautiful bag - I won't mind getting one myself. Get this to diversify your collection (if you plan to keep your epi alma).
  3. I would go for the Brea. I'm not too much of a fan of the shape of the Alma. Since you already have the yellow Alma, the Brea would also be a good choice.
  4. alma - prefer the shape, plus I avoid vachetta where I can. like you I have the speedy azur and do not use it that much because I don't like how the vachetta has changed.
  5. I hate black vachetta (not honey dark, pure black), I say go with Alma unless you are really careful with your bags like I am.
    I spray my vachetta with apple guarde every 6 months, keeps the dirt and water spots away.
    I saw this lady in the supermarket with a mono bag, the vachetta is normal light honey color on the outside but on the inside of the handle it went from gray brown to coal black. Made me sick at how dirty the handle seemed, I felt sorry for that poor bag and wonder how much dirt passes through that lady's hands.

    Just my opinion and I am slightly germaphobic so its probably worse for me.
  6. Alma all the way :smile:
  7. Alma
  8. Alma
  9. I love Alma and will get a damier, an epi and a vernis in the coming future.
  10. alma!!
  11. Alma is classic and classy!
  12. Brea! It is more versatile and I love it! Good luck in your decision :smile:
  14. Alma
  15. Between two of these, I will go for Alma coz I prefer Brea in epi more than vernis..worry free about vachetta. Good luck!