Help me decide between the two Classic Flap!


Which Classic Flap to get?

  1. Classic Double Flap in Black Caviar Leather

  2. Madison Classic Flap in Black Patent Leather

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  1. This will be my very first time to own a Chanel handbag, so I decided to go with the classic flap style. Please help me decide with style I should get?

    The classic flap medium/large in caviar leather (lambskin shown):


    Or, the Madison Classic Flap Black Patent Leather:


    Here's my dilemma:

    1) I saw the classic double flap, it's very nice but there's hardly any room inside. Because of it's popularity, everyone has this style and it's already very common.

    2) I was told that the Madison line is considered a "special collector item", not sure what that means, but I'm thinking that it's a limited line. In spite of what everyone nicknamed this beauty, I find it very attractive. The black patent leather just made this purse stands out more than the caviar leather, and it's very roomy! But, will this style & the patent leather be as timeless as the classic double flap caviar?

    My DH already gave me the green light to get one, so I need to jump on it before he change his mind.:p

    Please help and place your vote!:crybaby:
  2. Hi. :smile: Ohhh, a first Chanel bag, how exciting! Well, I'm a classic flap girl all the way, so my answer is definitely the black classic flap in caviar leather. As for the classic flap being common, well, it may be common here on tPF, but I don't see the black classic flap all too often in real life. Space wise, if you carry essentials, it will definitely fit what you need, and I'm sure the Madison isn't much roomier. :p If you love patent, why not wait for the black crackled patent flap coming out this season? :idea: Good luck deciding! :tup:
  3. Classic flap all the way. It will always be in style.
  4. Classic flap, for sure.
  5. i agree with the other tpfers...classic!
  6. classic!
  7. Classic.
    I don't think the Madison will be as timeless and there's more beauty to the simplicity of the Classic.
  8. based on you description i think you like the madison more. even if I voted for the classic flap get the madision because your heart says you should. And you can get a classic flap later on :smile:
  9. I like the Madison!
  10. Just don't go for patent. That shiny look won't last long.
  11. I'm a newbie in Chanel, so I'm trusting that you all know what you're talking about, so I thank you for all the comments. I want a Chanel that will last and still be in style forever and ever. I guess the Classic double flap is the style that has been tested to outlast any style of purses.

    I saw the lambskin and the inner flap is burgundy. Is the caviar leather have a burgundy inner flap as well, or does it only come in black? I kinda like the burgundy flap inside, but I'm pretty nervous of the delicacy of the lambskin leather. Also, would you know if the caviar leather will soften a bit in time? :confused1:

    Thank you and I truly appreciate all your input!:yes:
  12. classic flap
  13. classic flap def. looks better, but I agree with you about the double flap, I HATE that inner flap, that takes up all the spaces. That's why if you are taller (not like me I am only 5'1"), I say get a jumbo instead, for that same classic look but a lot more roomy! I wish I can manage the jumbo proportion-wise!
  14. madison!
  15. I voted for classic flap also. Always in style!