Help me decide between popincourt haut or Tivoli GM

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Aug 13, 2007
I love my PH and haven't had any complaints using it ... I have not seen the tivoli irl but it looks gorgeous and thinking of getting the GM as well. I also suggest trying both out and see which tugs at your heart! If you go with the PH, you can always get a little sumthin' sumthin' with the price difference:graucho:
like a wallet, cles or bandeau ...


Trying new things!
Sep 23, 2007
West Coast
I love my PH & I use it for everyday use. The shoulder strap is very practical. the trivoli is really cute ! But if you need a shoulder strap get the PH


FitMama Runs (and Shops!)
Aug 7, 2007
A beautiful 'burb of Minneapolis
Ok so I went to the store today and looked at the diff styles I am interested in...
Tivoli GM seemed HUGE! I love the style so much, but I just don't carry that much on a daily basis (and I am 5'2"). Pop Haut was cute and perfect size, but I didn't like the style as much as the Tivoli. Could a strap be put onto a PM size? (I really would like a shoulder bag this go around) Later in the morning, I saw a lady with a Manhattan PM w/strap attached. It was cute too! Thought?