Help me decide between popincourt haut or Tivoli GM

  1. Well, in my quest for a new shoulder bag, I have narrowed it down to 2:

    popincourt haut or Tivoli GM. I was wanting to stay in the $800-range (hence why haut is one of the choices), but I love the look of the Tivoli GM and from what others have said, its a fabulous bag. Should I stay within my set price or pay a little extra for something unique?

    Pros - nice smallish size, cheaper, cute little ball-charms, adjustable straps, classic
    cons - boxy, maybe too much so, straps might curl, balls might tarnish

    Pros - new style, unique shape, decent-sized for alot of items
    cons- more expensive, maybe too big for me (I am 5'2", 110), might be too trendy in that it will be outdated at some point?

    Thought...suggestions...? :shrugs:
  2. I vote Tivoli allll the way!!!! There is another pfer that is tiny like you that bought the GM and it looks amazing on her! Its a gorgeous shape. If you can swing the higher price I would do it. I have heard that the popincourt is kind of a pain to keep on your shoulder. Make sure you try them both on! My vote is the Tivoli!
  3. I like both.
    popincourt hault is cute and neat for every day uses.
  4. Tivoli hands down!
  5. tivoli without a doubt.
  6. i really like the popincourt haut. it gets my vote :o)
  7. My stepmom is about your height and the Popincourt Haut looks very well-proportioned on her. I love that bag, it's so practical! Can't comment on the Tivoli, although I love the style of that one, too.
  8. tivoli. i dont like the popincourt at all !
  9. Tivoli. Looks sophisticated and it's a new release. Be one of the first to have it!
  10. tivoli! Not a fan of the popincourt :nogood:
  11. I think I will take a look at both in RL....
    Either way, both would be hard to hide from the BF..since they are both mono. lol

  12. A pain as in the straps fall off your shoulder>?
  13. Tivoli for sure! The PH is too structured IMO...the balls are cute, but I hear they get annoying after a while because they constantly clink together!
  14. Tivoli!
  15. Yes.:yes: