Help me decide between patent M/L or medium boy?!?

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  1. I would like to purchase my next Chanel in the next few weeks or so. But I'm having trouble deciding between the patent M/L classic flap or medium boy. I have a black jumbo in caviar, would getting a M/L be too repetitive? Also, would using a patent bag be appropriate for the daytime as well? TIA :biggrin:
  2. I would vote for medium boy as you already have the classic jumbo. Also, I think boy flap is little more roomy than classic flap in medium size ��
  3. I have a black jumbo, too. But I would still love to have a classic flap in different colour. e.g. Beige
  4. I vote medium boy since you already have a jumbo flap
  5. It all depends on your style, what you wish to carry, etc. as to whether the boy or the classic M/L flap is the one for you. It's not repetitive to your jumbo in caviar as the M/L goes from day to night, and yes, patent is appropriate for the daytime.
  6. +1:d
  7. Thanks tutu, I'm always worried that patent might be too "flashy" for daytime
  8. You are welcome. It's a carefree kind of a bag, and in black, you have very little to no worries with the bag as far as care. Patent is an all season all time of day material. :smile:
  9. Hey Girl. I am all for patent ! I have two clutches in patent and love them, I think the are very durable too which is great...
    Also I love the classic M/L in patent, to me its perfection. Were you thinking another black or some color? The fuchsia is to die for. I love the boy bags but I would get one once I have more of a classic collection going. Hope this helps!
    Can't wait to see your reveal ;)
  10. i vote for the boy! but you really can't go wrong either way :smile:

  11. I was thinking of getting the fuchsia, do you think it's too bright? Can you take some mod pics? I was thinking black or lavender if I can find it
  12. boy :smile: