Help me decide between Chanel reissue 227 or Loewe puzzle

Help me decide on an everyday bag

  • Chanel reissue 227 black rhw

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  • Loewe puzzle small black

    Votes: 24 25.8%

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Oct 22, 2020
I currently have a Louis Vuitton neverfull and the Chanel classic flap with ghw. I want to add a third bag to my collection that I can use as mostly an everyday bag that is smaller than my neverfull and closes fully and also has options for wearing crossbody. I have narrowed down to a Chanel reissue pre loved in a 227 size black with rhw or a new Loewe puzzle bag small in black. Hoping those that have one or both of these bags could let me know how they have worn through the years and which they love most and why. Hopelessly deadlocked !! Thank you!


Jan 15, 2020
I think its good to have a diverse handbag collection. You already have a Chanel flap. I you didn't already have one, I'd say go for the reissue, but it is soo similar to the CF. Also, less people have the puzzle than the Chanel (at least around here). I LOVE my puzzle, and its a great daily driver! Unique and functional!


Oct 10, 2007
Very different bags... I love Loewe but not a fan of the Puzzle particularly. I love the Reissue but, to me, it is not an everyday bag mainly because of the chain. Even if the rhw makes it more informal in look, it is still a chain, not necessarily confortable or convinient to wear with everything. It also digs into the shoulder more than the CF chain. For an everyday crossbody, I’d go with the Puzzle. But of course, that also depends on how your everyday is like...
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Nov 13, 2006
New York
I have had my reissue 227 (black and gold) for about 10 years and use it as an everyday bag when I don't need a tote. It's probably my most used bag. I wear it much more than my classic flaps because its under the radar and I find it very comfortable. Good luck with you decision.


Mar 9, 2020
The bags are both very different. If you are like me and an idea never leaves your head, get the reissue before the prices are even more uncomfortable. A puzzle is also pre-loved a great deal, the price hikes are not enormous yet and Loewe has sales.

I love the puzzle but if you are ever interested in any Chanel bag at all, they will only go up.


Apr 30, 2014
Since you already have a Chanel classic flap, I would get the Loewe, but in the medium size. I initially bought the Loewe in small but the opening is small so sold it and bought the medium and it's a perfect bag.