Help me decide between 3 Mia Maggies!!

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  1. I have $300 at Macy's and want to get a new bag. I am planning on getting the small purple sophia with my PCE next week. I have the black/white Inlaid C Tote from last year, and a dark brown patent tote. I also have a deep purple patent hobo (I love purple). Macy's doesn't have a huge selection, so here are my choices:

    Mia embossed op art leather Maggie in black, style #15727
    Mia embossed Croc Maggie in black, style #16159
    Mia leather Maggie in Gunmetal, style #15742.

    Thanks for your help!! Karen
  2. Hmmm...
    1. Looks awesome.
    2. Looks awesome, but you might want to feel her up first...she is thinner than madison croc.
    3. The gunmetal is so AWESOME! I have seen it in the Mia Carryall and want it! My husband does not like it, however, so I do not have it.

    My vote: Number 3!!!!
  3. Gunmetal - love it!!
  4. The embossed op art leather Maggie in black gets my vote. I love that bag and can't wait to see it IRL!! Good luck and be sure to post pics once you get your final choice!
  5. Mia Leather Maggie in Gunmetal! Personally, I don't care for the embossed Op Art leather -- it looks kinda cheap to me (on the regular leather, not the metallic leather). The Gunmetal is such a beautiful and versatile color! I has enough gold in it that it goes with warm tones but a cool-toned pewter base that goes well with cool tones. And it is metallic which will add that something extra but it isn't so shiny that it is too much for every day -- definitely subtle. You can't go wrong!
  6. Is the gunmetal more of a silver or a gold tone? I haven't seen this bag in person yet. I have been obsessing about this and just need to make a decision! I like the "c's" on the embossed op art, but also think maybe I should chose a color other than black!
  7. Oh, just read your post AFTER I asked my question about the tones! Thank you so much...I'm leaning more and more towards the gunmetal!
  8. You are welcome! It really is that perfect in-between gold and silver color. :biggrin:

    My one complaint is the name -- I don't know why they are calling this bag gunmetal! It is not even close to the other bags that they call gunmetal. :rolleyes: I would have called it a bronzed pewter...
  9. Oh my have to see it irl to appreciate it. It blew me away!!! It is is the perfect mixture of gold and silver, and even though the design of both the maggie and carryall is simple, the gunmetal totally makes it rock!
    I am going to look at this one again when I go to Dillards tomorrow to look at the mahogany croc...I blame you, OP if I end up with that Carryall! LOL!
  10. Ok, it's decided...gunmetal it is! I have an extra 20% off coupon that starts Wednesday, so that's even better. Is the regular size the best one to get? I see it comes in large also...geez...another decision!!!
  11. I would get the regular size unless you like really large bags. The regular size holds a lot and I think would be big enough for most people. Plus it's less expensive.
  12. Also agree - gunmetal in the medium/regular size. I saw it tonight at the boutique - TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will love her forever - she is such a beauty!!!
  13. I'm so excited! Thanks everyone!:happydance:
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    Last edited: Sep 14, 2010
  15. Yeah...the color looks great there...
    But just wait until u see her in real life. She is more gorgeous than that!!! :nuts: