Help me decide between 2 bags please

  1. The first one is gorgeous!
  2. First one
    But why don't you go for the saffiano !
  3. Thanks Ladies.

    I have 2 saffianos but i Cant put diapers and the Whole stuff in it. One is fuoco red the other is light grey.

    I thought about a Black bag.
    I dont want to buy a 3 rd saffiano.

    Does anybody has experience with yoogis???
  4. Thanks
  5. Okay now that makes sense, I still cholose the first one =)
  6. I choose the first one too.
  7. First one gets my vote too!
  8. The first one is awesome!
  9. I vote for the first one.

    And Yoogi's Closet is a reputable site.
  10. I would say the first one, seems more classic to me. & would probably hold diapers etc. easier.
  11. first one too!