Help me decide! Beige Clair or black

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  1. Hi everyone! I am having a hard time deciding what color classic flap bag I should get! It is my first classic flap and I know I want the m/l size in caviar with gold hardware. I have the woc and boy in black, but I still can’t decide!
  2. I would get the black caviar one as your 1st CF. If you love the style, then buy the Beige Clair/any Beige seasonal color one.
  3. I have both and hands down use the beige more since I have so many black bags, but a black CF is classic and you’ll need it at some point. See what you’ll use more for now until you save enough for the black too!
  4. If you don’t already have a black bag that can be used for day to night then I’d go for the black. Agree that you’ll be able to find use for both in your collection.
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  5. I vote for black as well! Beige would be nice too but I have a real fear of colour transfer
  6. Beige, it goes with almost everything but I would go with the one that gets you more excited.
  7. Black caviar!!! You can’t go wrong with black!
  8. Beige, as with other light colors, will show any signs of dirt more obviously. I have the M/L in black, jumbo in black, and jumbo in beige clare. Love the beige clare, but limit it's use to spring/summer months and need to baby it more. I would go with black for your first classic, but if it's a special occasion only bag, then beige may work!
  9. You already have 2 smaller black bags. You didn’t say what size your Boy is, but a m/l flap holds just slightly less than an old medium Boy. What will you be using this bag for? Is it time to add variety by adding a beige bag? Or do you want a replacement for your black Boy? Caviar isn’t quite as susceptible to color transfer as say lambskin, and you can treat the beige with Collonil waterstop to help reduce color transfer. Either color would be beautiful, but close. Your eyes and imagine the occasions you will be using this bag. Which color do you reach for?
  10. I have both, but if I had to choose one for your very first Chanel--go with black. It's the most classic and will match everything. Beige claire is absolutely stunning, but for your FIRST I'd choose black.
  11. I would go for Beige Clair since you have a black WOC and Boy. I have a beige easy caviar hobo which I use more compared to black GST. The least being used is the Navy In The Business Flap because flap bags don’t suit me.

    I just use wet wipes to clean the beige hobo and it has been 6 years since it’s launch in 2013.
  12. Thank you everyone for replying! Is it hard to get a beige Clair? I do not have a Chanel boutique in my state and my mother bought my two other purses for me so I personally don’t have a relationship with a sales associate! Thanks!