Help me decide before I grow more grey!

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  1. I'm agonizing about whether to keep my regular Batignolles which I just got last week or change it for a Papillon 26 (i think the large one looks too big). I like the Batignolles but 1) it's open top which does concern me if i randomly leave my bag down and 2) i already have my speedys in mono and the regular size batignolles sorta has the same hand held look.

    BUT when i think about getting the papillon, i think about how i just turned 30 and i have three kids, so i wonder if the papillon would look too young on me. i thought having a papillon would be different for me yet still be handheld ( i prefer hand held).

    what do you think?
  2. i think the batignolles is more functional than the pap. i don't think age is the issue with the pap so don't worry about that but i think overall, the batignolle will be a more useful bag that's easier to carry and handle with 3 kids. i don't think it looks anything like the speedy at all. it's a very distinct look to the batignolle. good luck on your purchase! :smile:
  3. I would keep the bag you have now since there's more space, easier to access and seems to look more modern and fresh.
  4. Well, I don't think the papillon is a "young" style. It is a classic, right?
    But the batignolles is very pretty and I think quite different from the speedy.
    I say keep the batignolles and make the papillon your next purchase!
  5. i would tell you to keep your batignolles, but i sense that you don't like the open top...if so, change it for something you'd like! but i don't agree that the pap is better..
  6. I am 34, almost 35 with two kids and one more on the way. I have a pap 26 in mono. I sure hope I am not too old to use her cuz I love her! I do tend to wear her when I want to be a little more funky and hip.
  7. I'd keep the Batignolles.
  8. pap is not a 'young' bag at all! But shifting from reg Bati to pap might take some time to adjust how things never stay organized the way you want.
  9. I'd stick w/ the Batignolles!!!:yes:
  10. i love the batignolles but also haven't bought it since it's open. i'd exchange her for the pap. :yes:
  11. thanks all, i think i made the right decision with the batignolles from your opinions! but i might make the pap26 my next purchase.

    riley, congrats on the upcoming birth of the third... it'll be crazy but you'll love it!
  12. I say stick with what you have,