Help me decide: Batg vs. Piano

  1. I'm itching to buy a new bag (I have the LH) and I'm trying to decide between the Batignolles and the Piano. What's everyone's vote? Help me decide. Also, for those that have the Batignolles, do you feel "secure" with the snap clip closure?

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. I have both and i would say go for the piano because i think the BH is closer into size to the LH
  3. I just got the bh last night and I love it! It is very wide open at the top, though. I don't think I'll have any problem with stuff coming out of it. It seems to be fairly secure given that it is open at the top. I also have the bucket which is completely open, not even a snap clip and I've never had any security issues with it. If you tend to leave your bag unattended a lot, I think a zipper is best.
  4. While I like both, I prefer the BH (but if it was a Mezzo against the BH, hands down I'd pick the Mezzo)
  5. Well i have the Piano, BH and Mezzo and out of the three the BH is my favorite HANDS DOWN> Even though its not zippered things are very secure. Under the arm it practically is sealed as your arm closes it tight. There is also a large zippered pocket that you can keep things in that you are concerned about. The Piano is nice but all that Vachetta on the bottom is somethig you really have to baby and be careful off. Piano also is not as roomy as the BH. Its more unyeilding so tighter to get things in.

    Hope this info helps!
  6. [​IMG]misunderstood subject.
    thought this was going to be about buying LV bags or a new piano.
  7. I'd go for the Piano!!!
  8. :heart: my Cabas Piano!!! :yes: I prefer zippered bags.
  9. Batignolles! Don't like the shape of the Piano.
  10. Since I have the LH, I think the BH might be too close to the LH (size wise), so I was looking at the BV. But I want to be prepared when I go to the store. Otherwise, I think I may go for anything. (LOL)

    So, between the Piano and the Mezzo, what's everyone's choice? The LH has a lot of vachetta on the bottom, but I haven't had any problems with it... yet.
  11. I vote Batignolles!! I love the shape and you can't beat the price with the recent price decrease! I'm planning to get one myself (hopefully soon :sneaky:)!
  12. I have the BH and the larger version of the Piano, the Mezzo.
    But since you're asking about the BH and Piano, I'd pick the BH (or BV, if you think the BH is too similar to the LH).
  13. I prefer the Batignolles
  14. i like the cabas piano.
  15. I prefer the batignolles, because I really like the side straps