help me decide balenciaga or dior gaucho tote?

  1. So Balenciaga bags were IT in I see them everywhere...people on the subway, walking around, at the mall etc etc. I guess cuz there are so many fakes out there. Im thinking of getting a new bag, one that is light and roomy. Debating btwn the BBag (Part time or city) vs dior gaucho tote. I like how the bbag is lighter but really, is it too overdone now? Honest opinions please!
    BTW I live in toronto if that makes a difference. I know the bbag is lighter and roomier but if its too overdone (like LVs and gucci's) then i'd rather go for the dior. waht do you think?
  2. I think BBag's style will outlast Gaucho. BTW, I am also from Toronto and don't see too many of either style but I think you will get your $$$s worth out of Balenciaga. JMHO.
  3. i have both bags. you should get the balenciaga. imo, the gaucho does not even compare. the leather on the bbag is superior plus the flap on the gaucho makes it really cumbersome to get in and out of. i don't want to completely bash the gaucho though. it is an eye-catching bag, but the bbag is so much more timeless.
  4. Balenciaga 100x over the gaucho!
    I think the gaucho was an IT bag, and i personally dont like it bags, i hate the way they age!
    But Balenciaga will never age and will never go out of fashion!!
    My vote is a city, what colours were you interested in? xx
  5. I love both, but I vote Balenciaga. I think the style is more classic. And the leather on the bbags is soooo soft!
  6. Hmm well I was interested in a metalicy colour like anthracite but im not sure if they've sold out?? To be honest im not sure waht the difference is btwn the part time and city. I just need it to be able to fit papers (im an actor so i need it to fit headshots without bending them). But I'm not sure if I want to buy one in TO due to the 15% sales tax. luckily i'm going to hong kong in august so I may get on there where there is no tax!!
  7. The part-time is wider and 1 inch shorter then the city - so if you're wanting to fit file-sized items in (head shots), I would go with the city.

    I agree 100%, that Balenciaga bags have more staying power the then gaucho... There are other Dior bags that are a bit more classic look, but the gaucho doesn't have the most classic style, its a bit more "of the moment".

    Balenciaga's 07 leather is a must-have!! :tup:
  8. balenciaga for sure.
  9. Balenciaga from someone who is committed to neither brand - more chic, versatile, adaptable and less faddy - I also suspect it is more practical.
  10. Balenciaga all the way.
  11. Get the balenciaga.
  12. Balenciaga!
  13. I'm not really into BBags.. So I would say, go for the Gaucho!
  14. Definitely Balenciaga... the leather smells heavenly and comes in a wide range of colors... however, its highly addictive, so BEWARE!! :tup:
  15. balenciaga for sure!