Help Me Decide!! Bag For Work


Which Tote Should I get for Work??

  1. Cardovan Teri

  2. Dr. Q tote - Nice Tan

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  1. So I'll be a college grad in less than 1 week, and part of the work force. Perfect excuse for a new bag!! I have a black spring 07 teri, which I love, BUT I can't wear it over a winter coat, the straps are too short. So ladies with the F07 teri.. does it fit over your winter coat? or should I go with the the more sophistocated/mature Dr. Q. tote in nice tan??? TIA!!
  2. i like the teri, but i see it more as a casual bag. i think the groovee tote is more work appropriate. have you seen it in the burgandy color? it's gorgeous, so that's another option for you to consider unless you're set on getting it in nice tan.
  3. I'm thinking I would prefer a color I could wear more with... I have lots of red/burgundy shirts and sweaters. I love the look of the teri and the cardovan color, but I see myself being less limited with the tan dr. q....
  4. I voted for the Dr Q tote. I think it'd make a great work bag & is a good color to go with most everything.
  5. Thanks for your input ladies. I'm going with the Dr. Q!!!
  6. I like the Dr. Q too!
  7. I agree with the Dr. Q.

    Congrats on your graduation!
  8. Dr.Q all the wayyyyyyyyyyy!
  9. Another vote for the Dr. Q. Congrats on graduating!
  10. Thank you LadyRacer and Melly :heart:33 I'm so excited to get it. The leather of the Dr. Q. line looks sooo luxurious. I can't wait to rub my cheek against it. :tender:
  11. I love both, but I am a seriously die-hard Teri fan.

    I find the Dr. Groovee Tote somewhat plain, but more sophisticated for work I think. I just love the Teri because of the abundance of pockets and nothing ever gets lost in there!

    Congrats on your bag though! And congrats for graduating! (Can't wait until it's my turn soon!)
  12. Shoot Frances...sorry I can't help you but I'm not sure what these bags look like...I'm familiar w/ D. Groove...I do like that bag in burgundy....CONGRATS!!! on finishing school!!!!
  13. So I was expecting my Dr. Q tote today... but the seller (eBay) shipped it to the wrong address using USPS.. and not even in my town... what do I do?
  14. Maybe try emailing the seller and see what they can do on their end from the post office. I hope they bought some sort of insurance!!

    Good luck and I hope everything's going to work out!
  15. It's here!! Tags in tact and protective coverings still on the h/w. I'll post pics soon. gotta study!