help me cabas or modern chain

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  1. i wanna buy myself my first chanel for x-mas...but i'm undecided between the baby cabas or modern chain...opinions are greatly appreciated...also does anyone know the new prices for both? thanks in advance
  2. baby cabas as modern chain is very heavy for me!
  3. oh I can't be of help as I love them both lol!I think you should try them both on to see which one you like the best!Don't know about current prices but the new large baby cabas was 1450 Euros a month or so ago.MC should be more expensive.FYI take a look at the reference Library there are threads with both styles with prices as well!:yes:
  4. i pick the cabas...

    but i think the MC can look more formal, the cabas is more casual
  5. MC N/S for me but it's pretty heavy.
  6. I love them both. As mentioned, the Cabas is a bit more casual. The MC can be worn with more, if you care about that sort of thing.

    I see you're in Las Vegas, so this may not be a concern... but the Cabas does not fit over a heavier coat. The MC has lots of arm room, in case you are wearing something heavier.
  7. Cabas. Modern Chain seems too heavy, and I prefer the overall look of the Cabas. It's a great bag!
  8. I have the baby cabas and I love it!!! I tried on the modern chain at NM and it was the heaviest bag ever!
  9. I vote for the MC N/S tote, its not heavy like the E/W version, trust me! I pack mine full to the top and its still fits comfortably on my shoulder.

    If you can still find the N/S tote, try it on.. I'm sure you'll love it!
  10. i'd go for the cabas!!:tup:
  11. I'd say cabas if you'd like a casual bag. I just LOVE them!