Help me decide! B. Fendi Poll!

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Which B. Fendi?!!!

  1. Black Patent!

  2. Brown leather with Black Patent Trim!

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Well, I have decided that I'm going to order a B. Fendi bag despite not having seen it and the LATE ass delivery date.

    Option one is from elux:


    Sadly, this will ship 6/10, the effin day after my bday! However, I like the patent leather, and it probably wouldnt get as noticably dirty as choice #2. I know there would be fingerprints, but I could wipe those off:lol:

    Option #2 is from


    Not sure if this one is a comfortable shoulder bag. If anyone can clear this up pls do:biggrin: The color combo is great, and it has a bit of patent. I'm just worried about the shoulder thing because I am looking for an everyday bag...I am so sick of switching bags 39483948934 a day!:nuts: This one ships 4/30.

    So any input would be greatly appreciated! Also, if you guys can think of any other cool everyday bags, please feel free to post them. I am determined to get out of this bag slump!:idea:
  2. definitely choice number 2!!!! because black patent will scratch SO easily, especially since it's so smooth.

    and i think the black looks like the big bad guy in star wars. darth vadar?

    tan one is much better. looks more classy.

    and this is coming from someone who is not a fan of these bags.
  3. Honestly, I can't vote for either one because of the patent leather details.
  4. I think the all black patent could get old and look kinda dowdy... The tan/black patent contrast makes the bag more funky and young. Plus if you order it through saks, wait for Thursday when they're doing that "spend some, get some" promo. And you can use the code "SHOPFEB" for 10% off.
  5. ROTL!!! Yes, Darth Vader's own personally handbag!! :lol:
  6. second is moore appealing to me ... 1st is eeew * no hard feelingz plz* specially the straps ...

    2nd is piece of art

  7. oo thanks for the tip:biggrin: If I do decide to get that one I'll definitely get it from saks!

    Fayden :lol: I can totally see the star wars thing going on! I guess I like it because I know its a shoulder bag. If you guys see it and find out the chain ones are comfortable on the shoulder pls let me know:amuse:

    Baglady, whats wrong with the patent details? :idea:

    Keep the votes coming people, its looking good for the brown/patent :biggrin:
  8. I heard from my Fendi SA that the black and tan option is getting the most activity on the waiting lists. However, I might reccommend that version with the plain strap as I heard from him that the double strap pinches and falls off the shoulder easily. Buy it from someplace with a return policy, like exlux or saks, and decide later. I never stress until I try it on. I preordered the tan and black on elux myself, but if you order from Saks and have it shipped to Hawaii you won't have to pay tax. (But then you have to ship it back before the 60 days are up if that's a "no".) I currently live in Hawaii Kai, maybe we pass eachother at Ala Moana sometimes. If you have any experience with any of the local boutiques/sales reps I would be curious.
  9. i like neither but the black patent looks more classy
  10. I like the brown with black. You can see the detail. That bag will definately be a looker. :P
  11. I think the brown one will have more staying power. It's also a little more interesting-looking. That's JMO.
  12. Definitely the brown leather with black trim :biggrin:
  13. I prefer the 1st one, I'm assuming this won't be an everyday, all day kind of bag. So it probably won't be hard to take care of the patent leather{?}
  14. The one with brown leather and black patent!! I love that bag... and i prefer those straps... i'm not sure if the're good for shoulder straps though....
  15. Brown with black patent!