Help me decide: Anthracite or Gris Tarmac?

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I'm in love with the City style and the GH (even though it's G12 now...). Also I adore the grey colors so right now I'm between a Anthracite and Gris Tarmac - which one should I go for? This will be my first Bal ever, and I'm sooo excited!

    I think I want the RGGH but I might go with the SGH. Not quite sure yet.

    Please help me decide! And also please do post your GH Anthracite or Gris Tarmac so I can get a better idea of the colors.

    TIA :kiss:
  2. Gris Tarmac is more of a true grey than Anthracite, but it is lighter. Anthracite can have green or blue undertones and has never looked like a true grey to me (although I love the color). Here's a place to start where most, if not all, of the greys that Balenciaga has made are posted:

    Someone may have comparison pictures, but I do not have both colors at the moment.
  3. Here's a pic of my 2010 Anthracite RGGH Work vs. 2012 Gris Tarmac mRGGH City.

    Please be aware that 2010 Anthracite is a little lighter than other seasons IMO. I had a 2011 Anthracite PT at one time and it was darker than this 2010 Work.

  4. Thank you - I'll def take a look at the Grey Club (and hopefully join soon :graucho: )
  5. Oh, perfect! That's really helpful, thank you!

    Not that it makes my choice any easier, they both look beautiful.