Help me decide (another one sorry!!)

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  1. Hi ladies

    Sorry to do this too you but i am trying to decide on which bag to buy. Either

    1. MAM black/goldcrackle
    2. MAM Black and pewter (currently on ebay and ending soon)

    I live in Australia and have never seen a RM bag IRL. I am very impulsive and tend to get caught up very easily in buying bags (have already ordered a wine matinee).
    I was wanting a black bag for our winter but wasnt sure which one is best. Please give me your opinions. TIA!!:flowers:
  2. Personally, im not a fan of the gold bottom bags, they are very pretty but not my style. (dont hit me!LOL) so between the two I would choose the pewter trim. But thats just me.

    I would do a search on both of these color combos here on this forum, you will find lots of pics to see. It might give you a better idea of what each one looks like in reality.

    Both are very pretty bags, look at sone IRL pics here and see if that sways you one way or the other.
    Hope this helps!
  3. My personal opinion is that if you want a black bag then you should go with the bight/gold crackle. I think you'll use it more often than the pewter which is a bit more flashy. You'll love the MAM though, it is a beautiful bag!
  4. Easy - Night with Gold Crackle Bottom!!
  5. ^^night and gold crackle. i don't like the pewter at all... it makes the bag look two toned brown and black...
  6. Night with gold crackle bottom looks gorgeous from the pictures I've seen. Also, you might want to do a bit of searching, but I've heard that the pewter trim peels off or wears down a bit. Although I am not 100% positive on that.
  7. the gold crackle. i know a ton of people have it now thanks to bloomies and neiman's but there's just something about the bag that makes it different from the other mams.
  8. I havent bought any yet...everyday i change my mind..almost bought the basketweave/black earlier today but i dont want to pay full price so will just wait it out. What makes it harder is that i live through your pics as i have never seen a RM bag IRL and ALL the bags look gorgeous.
  9. don't worry this will not be the last bag you buy. ;)
  10. The pewter has a flaking problem and since the pewter is on the handles for the MAM, it will flake and wear away at the handles and at the corners. I would go with the gold bottom.