Help me decide an sth small...

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What to choose?

  1. Sunnies (Gina in Pomme?)

  2. Pomme ZCP

  3. Mono Shawl in Pomme

  4. Inclusion Bracelet

  5. Bag Charm

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. #1 Jul 15, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2009
    Sooo, as I will visit my LV Store tomorrow and have saved a little bit up I can spend on one or two small things, to choose from are:

    Sunnies (Gina in Pomme?)
    Pomme ZCP
    Mono Shawl in Pomme
    Inclusion Bracelet
    Bag charm

    What would you buy? And why? I tend to get the sunnies and ZCP but like the other things too... *sigh* Pls help me fellow tPfers...

    Of course I´ll do a reveal on Monday when I´m back from my short trip!
  2. I think the sunnies will look great with your Alma :supacool:
  3. Sunnies and shawl!
  4. I would get a bag charm
  5. Sunnies or a bag charm!
  6. I would get the Pomme ZCP if I were you ;)
  7. I say sunnies and bag charm...if you can swing...that would look awesome!
  8. i would get a charm (they are very cute and so many new ones to choose from) and a bracelet (they are nicce, very distinctive-i only wish they fit over my hand) and it appears that you already have enough sunnies and zcp's
  9. I vote for bag charm as there are ever-changing and very cute.
  10. sunnies and pomme zcp! you get to use these almost daily!
  11. Pomme ZCP!
  12. Pomme Sunnies and Pomme Shawl!
  13. I voted bag charm! :yahoo:

    (cause I think its going to be my next purchase too)
  14. Sunnies!
  15. sunnies and shawl in pomme!