help me decide among plethora of LVs!

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  1. I'm a new mom, and while i love my current bags - most of them are top handle types (i.e. Speedy and Alma) I'm quite petite, (5'2) and large bags can overwhelm me. Plus, shoulder straps dig into my shoulders and leave a red bruise of some sort by nightfall should i have carried my bag for an afternoon of shopping.

    I have been eyeing the Damier Neverfull MM, but it's quite too popular in my area (real and fakes) and i kinda wanna be different somehow? I have explored other bags like Batignolles horizontal, the Tivoli, the Palermo and the Damier Azur Galiera. The Galiera i like with an extra longer strap just how i've seen other TPFers have done it with theirs. I figured hands free is the way to go with my baby in one arm.

    what do you guys think? should i give in to the NF? or try other styles?

    price is a factor, cos i am buying other bags as well.. hihihihi :P
  2. I would say a mono totally MM if you need the extra space for diapers and stuff.
  3. I think NF is quite practical (very easy to get in and out of), esp. in Damier, but galliera is prettier and perhaps more comfy. Palermo is also a good choice since you can carry it two ways.
  4. Out of our Chices I like the Palermo best.
  5. What about the new Totally in MM?

    I have to say my Damier Neverfull MM straps hurt my shoulder if I have a lot in it (didi it just yesterday). The mono version is not near as bad, their leather straps have more give.
  6. azur galliera!
  7. I think the Galliera is a great idea with a long strap, very stylish mommy bag! or Palermo if price is a factor, as it can be worn with the long strap with baby and top handle when your having 'Me time' which is very important for us moms of course! and involves lots of shopping!
  8. the tivoli is an amazing bag, my mother has it
  9. HMM I CANT DECIDE!!!!galleria or PALERMO!!!! sorry i cudnt choose
  10. Totally is a great mommy bag at a good price. GL :smile:
  11. I like the Beauborg.
  12. Palermo is quite the beauty!
  13. i like the galliera
  14. I'd go with the Palermo as my first choice or the Galliera as my second.
  15. i would recommend the galliera. don't get the NF if you have issues with the bag digging on your shoulder. that happens to me if i'm wearing a tank top with the NF. the galliera has a thicker strap and it's just a cute bag to look at. :]