Help me decide! ahhh!!

  1. I called two nearby outlets after work and they BOTH have Legacy pieces! At the first place I put a Whiskey Shoulder Flap on hold and at the second place I put a White Ali on hold... I don't know which one I want and I might not be able to get up to either outlet to "try them on" ... I already have a E/W bag in Saddle so I'm not sure if Whiskey would be too similar?! I already checked out the "Post your legacy pieces here" but I would LOVE to see any pictures of people with their Ali's or Shoulder Flaps!!

    Thanks in advance!!! :tup: :nuts:
  2. Oooooh, I'd go with the white Ali - but I'm biased because I have a white Ali and am not a fan of the shoulder flap bags (too much flap for me). A photo of my Ali is in my signature link...
  3. I'm kind of leaning towards the Ali because I like bigger bags... how much smaller is the shoulder flap?!?! :shrugs:

    btw I loooove all of your tokidoki stuff!! :love:
  4. I don't know the size difference between the Ali and shoulder flap, so hopefully someone can answer that...

    And thanks, I just love how fun and colorful it is!! And the characters are so cute!! I also love how LIGHT the bags are... I hate days where I go from carrying a tokidoki bag to carrying a heavy Coach bag. *lol*
  5. I vote for the white ali.. I just posted my new one a little further down on the post about it being my lucky day. It is truly a beautiful bag. What does the shoulder flap look like? Is that the teeny bag?? I am having a brain freeze on that one :shrugs:
  6. I'd go for the White Ali! So gorgeous!!! I think it would actually be nice for winter too.
  7. White Ali!! That bag is stunning.
  8. At this point I'm def leaning towards the Ali... I won't be able to get it till Friday and even then my bf is going to give it to me as a Christmas present so no pics until the 25th :push::wtf::crybaby:
  9. white ali !!

    i love white
  10. I saw a white Ali IRL and she is truly a beauty;)
  11. White Ali!! The white legacy leather is the most beautiful white I've ever seen on a handbag!! It's stunning!

    Here's a pic of my slim flap (smaller than Ali) in white to help enable you!

  12. tlloveshim - Where did you find the slim Flap Ali in White??? I would LOVE to have it in this size!! A full size Ali is too big for me and I love the white!! I have her in the Whiskey
  13. What is the drop on your slim flap?:heart: She beautiful!!
  14. Maya I read about when you first got your White Ali in the "Ali Support Group" discussion... have you been able to keep her clean? Do you use the Apple Conditioner on her all the time??? :shrugs:

    I love the idea of a White Ali I'm just becoming concerned that I wont be able to keep her clean :crybaby:

  15. Can someone post a pic of the shoulder flap bags? Is this the same as style #11134 on I didn't realize those had made it to the outlets yet!