Help me decide a Sabrina for my mom! (pictures attached)

Apr 24, 2009
Hey there,

I'm new here~
I had been saving up to buy a Sabrina for my mom..
& I want it to be perfect for her.

I'm torn between black (silver or brass hardware),brown and ginger..
Black is all-rounder,but isn't it too common? (but it was sold out in Coach here)
She has a lot of brown..
& Ginger,its nice, but will it match with everything?

Another issue is, the size. Based on the picture, which one suit more?
Please help me.. : ) If you have any problem viewing the picture, just let me know..



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Dec 26, 2008
You are a sweet daughter! I would say the black if she already has a lot of brown, but you can always look at it the other way, maybe she has brown because she likes brown. I'd ge the large too. The smaller version just seemed too small for me but I like big bags.


Aug 16, 2009
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First off, you are an awesome daughter. Secondly, I LOVE the Brown, and since you said your Mom has a lot of brown, that might be the best choice. :smile: And, I think the bigger bag would be better.


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Apr 13, 2009
Does she like yellow? I think the brown is a richer color than the others. The ginger is more of a fun color, and the black is of course a classic.

I think I'd skip the black, just because there will always be black bags in lots of styles, so it doesn't scream "must have" if that makes sense. I am a black bag fanatic and bought the black Sabrina for myself, but I ended up returning it because I just never fell in love with it.

I think the large looks a bit better, but if your mom is tiny like you, I'm sure she can pull off either size.

Just to be annoying, have you considered the steel color? That's my favorite neutral. It's gorgeous, neutral, shimmery without being metallic, and never boring. :biggrin:


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Apr 27, 2009
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Yes, you are a great daughter, what a great gift.. I love the Ginger but that is just personal choose. Black goes with everything, either way you can not go wrong with the Sabrina..

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Aug 21, 2008
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It depends on her wardrobe. If you said she has alot of browns (and meant in her wardrobe) I'd go with espresso!!! It's nice and dark so most likely it'll be darker then any brown she'll wear, thus not having to worry about it being matchy-matchy!!!

If she has alot of other colors in her wardrobe I'd go with the black/silver. The reason I tend to lean towards the silver hardware is that 95% of Coach's FOB's & keychains that one may adorn the bag with are silver!!!

Good Luck!!!

***Maybe I should have had children, I didn't know they'll sometimes buy you COACH, let alone a Sabrina!! What a sweet daughter!!


Jul 27, 2009
Portland, OR.
I'm with lovecoachmore....
I would definitely get the large one..(with the stuffing out of it..its not that big)
And black with silver or the expresso..(I have this one!) and its a really rich darker brown.
..very thoughtful of you!!:smile:
Dec 14, 2008
I have the large ginger Sabrina and love it. I haven't worn it yet though, because I don't want to get it dirty. Crazy huh?


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Sep 1, 2007
Grand Blanc, Michigan
That is very sweet of you! I turned my mom onto the Coach with the Sabrina style, and now she wants a new one! My take on the colors: the ginger is a pretty color, but its bright, and I think its a color anyone would grow a bit tired of after a while, especially after carrying it every day. The brown, well, as you can see I'm a fan. I have the walnut though, which is a rich, pretty brown that I think will work well year round (as opposed to the equally pretty, yet darker espresso). My mom (age 55) has decided she wants black. I have the black with brass, which I'm not sure is still available, but I prefer the brass because the hardware seems to pop against the black. The silver is still very pretty, but blends in a bit more. The black sabrina seems very sleek and chic to me, and a wee bit dressier if you work it that way. So that's my take on the color options.

As for size, you'd be surprised how much the smaller Sabrina holds. In my humble opinion, the smaller one is cuter as a satchel, and the larger one is definitely cuter as a shoulder bag (rather than a satchel.) I don't think the smaller style would be too small for anyone.

Good luck choosing! I'm sure she'll love whatever you buy for her.
Feb 27, 2009
LOVE THE EXPRESSO in the large. Another thing is does you mom wear bright colors dark colors or is she more neautrals?if she loves her browns get her the brown.


Apr 28, 2007
I vote for the brown large Sabrina, she does have a lot of brown bags but not a brown Sabrina :graucho:

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Mar 24, 2009
What a wonderful gift, your Mum is going to love it, whatever you get her! If she likes brown, I'd get her the brown.


Mar 4, 2007
My boyfriend bought his mom a Coach bag shortly after we met and he bought it in a beautiful teal, a color that she would never have bought for herself since she always chooses something practical. She loves it and carries it all the time and always talks about how nice it was of him to pick out an unexpected color.

I said all of that to say: get your mom the fun bag she'd never buy herself! That's why I'd vote for ginger over espresso or black, but that's just me. :smile:


Feb 26, 2009
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hi dear!
well i got the small op art brass/ khaki for my mom..
she's almost 5" and plum and the small size suits her best as she only carries her zip-accordian wallet, mobile phone, a pack of tissue and a bottle of mineral water everywhere she goes.. so i figured the small size sabrina will do just fine for her..
here's my thread on it for reference..
hope that helps!
Apr 24, 2009
Oh my,:amuse:

Thank you all for the overwhelming suggestion and compliments..:blush:
I had ask the store to check the availability for the colors, and large ginger is out.

Now, the decision is between black & silver hardware or the brown with brass hardware. They are still checking and will get back to me soon..

Both would suite her well.. I'm sure she's ok with either of them..
Again, thank you so much for helping me out choosing the perfect gift..

Will post the picture once the item arrives~ :hugs: hugs*