Help me decide: 5132 or 5171?

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  1. #1 Oct 1, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2010
    Hi ladies, I'm a newbie here. Nice to meet you all :smile:

    I'm looking to buy a pair of Chanel sunnies. I have a round face - can't seem to make up my mind as to whether I should get the 5132 or 5171. They're both gorgeous!

    Which pair do you think is prettier and more importantly, which pair do you think will suit me better?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. Hi aqualuna, I have the 5171 and i love them! im so happy i got them
    I have a squarish/round face.. not a thin face and i think they look great actually hehe
    i havent tried the 5132 so i cant comment on those
    good luck :smile:
  3. pics would help.
  4. Thanks, Natalie! :smile:
    The 5171 sure are gorgeous, but I also love the 5132's classic and vintage look... ohhh decisions decisions... :smile:
  5. #5 Oct 1, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2010

  6. 5171:tup:
  7. your welcome
    yes they are both beautiful
    another reason i say get the 5171's is because its a rare design..
    the bows are so cute and prob wont come around again (we in aus have to order from overseas coz there isnt a single pair left in aus) whereas id expect to see similar models to the 5132's again..
    Can you get both haha?
  8. ^^ I like your thinking!

    If you have to choose, I think the 5171 is more compatible with more faces and would be the safer bet. Plus, the bows are very cute!
  9. Thanks ladies! whoa seems like everyone's voting for the 5171! But I don't know why, I've got a feeling that somehow the 5132 would suit me better?

    haha Natalie, I wish I could get both!
    But I think I'm going to get one of them first... if I really like them, who knows... I'll probably tempted to get the other one as well :P
  10. Get 5132. It seems like it will suit yourself better. Both are quite similar anyhow. It seems like there are tons of people that have 5171 so 5132 would be more special in that way.

  11. I live in melbourne and bought a pair of 5171's last week?

    Hun if you think the 5132's will suit you better then go for it! They are both lovely pairs of glasses and I'm sure would both look great on you :smile:
  12. welcome!!! i say the 5171
  13. I'm a fan of bows, so definitely 5171! Too bad it's too big + doesn't sit well on my Asian nose :sad:
  14. go with what you think will look better- if you don't love them... exchange them for the 5171. They are both very nice- so you can't really go wrong