Help me decide 5 bags or 1 Chanel????

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  1. Hi, This is my first post. I have just purchased 5 new bags, 1. Lanvin tanish-green leather partage sac. 2. Fendi large baguette, leather called olive looks brown. 3. Givenchy postino black leather. 4. Givenchy nightingale med. patent called aquaverde looks more cream with light green undertones. 5. Givenchy nightingale med. patent green. They were all on sale from Barneys and I like them all, but maybe got a bit carried away! I am having 2nd thoughts and think that one Chanel Maxie in black caviar would by lovely. Should I return all the others and buy the Chanel??? I do not own any Chanel.:yahoo:I would love to hear what some of you think. Thanks:heart:
  2. I'd say it's down to usability. Would you use the Chanel bag MORE than the others? Does it go with more etc? How big is the price diff between all 5 compared to the Chanel?
  3. Hey, a fellow Rhode Islander! I'd choose the Chanel, for sure. It'll be much more timeless than the other styles.
  4. hey i would love to help u but i dont know most of the bags can u post some pics or lilnks, and yea i agree go to wut is gonna be more usable?? or if they are very matchable not seasonal?? 5 to 1 is alot difference and we gotta lean to wut is more useful more than anything.
  5. Hi, thanks for the replies, The chanel would cost slightly less than the 5 others. It is the new maxi in black caviar with silver hardware. I decided that the fendi baguette is going back, Its just is not me. And another Rhode islander! Which part of the state are you in? I am in northern RI. Which reissue are you saving for? Thanks sooo much!
  6. i like lanvin and givenchy, but i love chanel. i say you get the maxi. good luck with your decision!
  7. another vote for chanel because is timeless. also, this is the chanel subforum :nuts:
  8. totally agree!
  9. I wouldn't get rid of them all for 1 bag. If there are a couple your not in love with, take em back and put the $$$ towards a Chanel. But I wouldn't get rid of 5 bags for 1.
  10. One amazing bag = 5 great bags- Get the Chanel-since I started buying Chanel I even sold off some of my other bags- not that they were not great but Chanel is all you need -simple and Shazaam at the same time!
  11. Chanel is classic. Go with the Maxi.
  13. You can use the maxi forever. It is so timeless & its black so it will go with just about everything!
  14. Chanel!
  15. i;d choose a chanel. i feel that having one great bag such like a chanel is much more worth it. quantilty and CHANEL is much better then the quantity of other bags. i think ull appreaciate the one chanel u have more..