Help me de-stress please

  1. Hi

    I am at work getting extremley wound up for one reason or another. My heart is going really fast and I can feel the anger rising:cursing:

    Does anyone know of anything I can do to de-stress - breathing exercises , mantras anything?

    All help appreciated - I am willing to try anything!

    Thank you:smile:
  2. I can be a bit of a stress-head too. When something annoys me I just try and step out for a minute and then go back. I find taking a time out helps to calm me down. Also drinking something soothing like a cup of tea and thinking about whether what's happening is actually important, in most cases its usually not worth getting myself worked up over so I don't.
  3. breathe in while couting to 5.. hold it for 3.. breathe out for 5/.// repeat 3 times.. they say that the deep breathign relaxes ur body..

    sorry if it doesnt help.
  4. Take a 10 minute walk. Deep breathing. Drink some water and put it all in perspective.
  5. going for a walk and drink a coffee at a nice cafe helps you put it all in prespective and makes you see things differently
  6. This might sound silly -- but I'd watch something really light and amusing on TV. A soap opera, sit-com, law and order -- anything that will hold your attention w/o requiring too much thought. While your watching, make a conscious effort to put all stressful, work-related thougts OUT of your mind. The goofy tv will occupy you.

    Works for me! Same with reading a novel. Anything that gets your mind occupied with non-stressful thoughts. (shopping works too, but that can get addictive, lol.)
  7. watch Meet the Parents or Old School.
  8. Warm bath helps. Or sleep.
  9. I think of my two chihuahuas doing something silly and goofy:smile:

    They always cheer me up!
  10. Oh I so DO! :yes:

    I used to supervise - a few good years back now - the box office of a nightclub. You call it - drunks, nutters, druggies, threats, and then occasional unsuitable management, and nutty security guys - I got them ALL in my face, and NO Perspex screen either.... :rolleyes:

    Hemi-Sync CDs from Monroe Institute saved my butt - and my mind and sanity - they're a US-based company so just google them and you'll find out more.

    They're like, meditation only being done for you, and pumped into your brain.... :jammin:

    "Surf" and "Sound Sleeper" rule, and "The Catnapper" is also good! :yes:

    Good luck and hope you get a solution that works for you!;)

  11. Here's a few ideas:

    Splurge on a full body massage

    During the day, take a few minutes to stretch your neck and shoulders, or go outside for a walk around the block if that's possible. Or if you can browse online at work go on tPF here :graucho: . Works great for me for a breather.

    Try yoga, preferably a class so you can learn the poses properly.

    A couple friends have desktop zen gardens (tray with sand, rake, rocks).

    Gardening? Depending on where you live, a couple indoor plants or something on a balcony or in your yard is wonderful. I used to hate plants but I found learning about them and digging in dirt, whether container gardening or in a yard is extremely relaxing and a way to get reconnected with the Earth. Might sound a little kooky, but it's a lifesaver for me.
  12. If you're getting stressed at work, I suggest abdominal breathing. It's a simple technique that helps switch off the sympathic nervous system -- that's the fast-beating heart, the high blood pressure, the feeling of stress and anger. Taking slow, deep, rhythmic breaths is the first step to "acting" calm, which in turn dampens the sympathetic response and gets your body to start relaxing.

    I use Bach Rescue Remedy to help me get started on relaxing. It's available at most health food stores.
  13. sounds like you need your battery recharged,I'd take some time off:flowers:
  14. I was going to suggest the diaphragm breathing also. You can tell when you're doing it right if you place your hand on your stomach. It should expand as you inhale and contract on the exhale. Try breathing in with your nose, and out thru the mouth. Look at babies--that's how they naturally breathe--most of us end up "chest breathing" as adults. Anxiety is awful--you feel so out of control.
  15. I was hypotised to be able to relax and it is the absolute best thing I have ever done. Absolutely works and feels incredible.