help me! date my estate purchase: HUGE blue topaz ring

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  1. Hello ladies, I bought this obnoxiously large ring today at an estate sale at an old folks home. I have no reason to think it is terribly old, but I hope it's at least from the 1940s or so! Also, I hope it's real -- I paid $200 for it, but the money was going to a cause anyway, so it's not a huge deal if it is.

    The band itself is yellow gold and it's marked 18k. The rest of the ring is white in color, so I imagine it's white gold. There is some filigree work in the setting, and there is a small diamond (or diamond-like material!) on either side of the HUGE emerald-cut stone, which was purported to be blue topaz. This sucker is enormous, but I have no idea of the size. I'd say it's probably 10 carats or more.

    Anyway, I don't know anything about vintage, antique, or estate jewelry, but I've been wanting a blue topaz cocktail ring, and this one seemed to fit the bill. It even fit me perfectly, and I wear a very small ring size (5), so it's rare to find a ring that fits me! If anyone could tell me whether they think it's real, or maybe how old it might be, I'd appreciate it!

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  2. I would suggest going to an estate jeweler or a jewelry store that can authenticate the stone. The gold itself will be worth money, but I can't tell from the photo about the stone.
  3. Hello ladies and Merry Christmas!

    I am very anxious to hear the answer as well - I have a simular ring left to me by my grandmother, but much simplier in setting and the blue stone is larger at 49.91 carats. (yes ... almost 50 carats) It is a beauty! I can't find out much about its history though; any info is greatly apprecited.
  4. That ring is TDF! There's a very good jewelry forum at Diamond prices: comparison, statistics, education. They even have a section for colored stones. Maybe they can help you. Good luck!!
  5. here are some pics! by the way ... what is TDF?

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  6. TDF means to die for..i think...
  7. Thanks Shelley! I should have known that!