Help Me : Damier Azur Or Monogram?

  1. people please help me!!

    i already have the monogram multicolor white speedy

    but now i cannot choose betweeen
    damier azur speedy

    and the
    monogram speedy

    or mayb the mini lin speedy
    (yea im all about the speedy)

    and do you think speedy 30 or the speedy 35 is nicer

  2. Since you already have a light-colored speedy, I would say go for the mini lin ebony in 30.
  3. I like the color of the ebony mini lin, but I think everyone says it sags a lot. If sagging doesn't matter, then mini lin for sure. If not, azur. It's really pretty. Don't like the monagram since it's so common.
  4. i'd get the damier azur now, because it is lighter than the other choices and cruise/resort season is right around the corner. even though LV handbags are stylish all season long, buying a dark colored bag would be better for fall and a light colored bag would suit the months following Christmas nicely.
  5. I'd choose the mono speedy. It's a classic and quite neutral. It would be a handsome alternative to your MC speedy!
  6. I would go for the mono speedy since you already have a light colored speedy. BTW, I'm so jealous that you have a white MC speedy.
  7. I'd go for the Mono 30. Everybody needs one!
  8. Go for the mono speedy since you already have a light colored one. But if you feel you don't want another monogram bag, go with the azur.
  9. I would go for the Mono as well. You have the MC which is light and as a few people have said the mono is a classic must have :smile: I hope to add one soon.
  10. How about the brown damier. It is different and not everybody has it.
  11. I vote for speedy30 monogram.

    Classic and timeless...
  12. i like the classic mono 30....
  13. mono 35!
  14. Since you already have a light-colored bag, I'd go for the mini lin in ebone.

  15. Speedy 30 is classic. I would choose the Damier Azur, lovely :tup: