Help me convince DH that LV is "sturdy" and worth the price!!


Aug 1, 2006
Yesterday DH and I were in LV and I tried on the Neverfull MM and the Trunks and Bags Mini Pochette. I am absolutely in LVOE with both of them, but DH isn't so sure. In his words, "It just seems like a flimsy, canvas bag. There's not much to it." :wtf:

My husband is a general contractor so he likes things "sturdy". In fact, when he designed my engagement ring, that was the word he used with the jeweller and my ring is HEAVY DUTY! People are always surprised when they hold it because it's so heavy.:P

I have a collection of Marc Jacobs bags and he said that those were worth the price bc they're leather, more structured, etc.

I need help from the experts! Of course it's my money and I can buy what I want, but I do like it when he likes my bags. (that may seem wierd, but his opinion matters to me) Has anyone had this conversation with DH/SO? Any advice?



Apr 15, 2007
Tell your Dh I spoke to a woman the other day who has been using her mono speedy for the last 18 years. They are very sturdy. The also don't drop in value like a lot of other bags do . They are classic and do not go out of style 5 minutes after you buy it. Hope this helps.


Mar 29, 2007
You could definitely point to the fact that LV bags hold their value extremely well--they aren't a fad but an eduring classic symbol of style--and that they are extremely well made with detail given to the leathers chosen and the stitching...

I tend to gravitate toward all leather bags, but the canvas bags are extremely well made also. I hope this helps!;)


Aug 22, 2006
I have several that I have been using for close to 20 years. I never tire of their style. As others here have said, the styles are classic. Also, IMO, the olor and Mono pretty much go with anything. Just throw the purse on your arm and you are ready to go anywhere:smile:
Jun 2, 2006
Show him the neverfull MM on elux. It says... Thin leather handles; each one resists up to 231 lbs. That should say a little something.

My husband (an engineer) does not see the point of expensive designer items at all. Recently however, he did mention to me that he can see that they (LV) are very well made bags. I was kind of surprised when he said that because he never pays any attention to stuff like that.


Aug 1, 2006
Thanks for the advice girls!! You guys are awesome!!

Plus they are backed by a good warranty should anything go wrong. They are stronger than they look.

He just came home for lunch (I'm off work for the summer, one perk of being a teacher :P) and I said I was gonna get it and he said, "Sounds good to me." :tup: I think it was the warranty comment that won him over. I'll probably stop back in sometime this week!! :yahoo:

P.S. I was gonna get it anyway :devil: but it makes him feel good to be "involved."