Help me compare two bags please

  1. Ok, right when I think I have a good idea of what bag I want to by my wife, I see another purse that catches my eye.

    Anyone here have this bag? The Small Nova Tote.
    I kind of like it. It looks a little stylish. I do not want to buy a bag because it is "in" right now. So any thoughts on this bag compared to the 2nd bag?

  2. They are both VERY similar, but I like the shape of the 2nd!
  3. I like the 2nd one the better
  4. Hello!

    I bought the Burberry zipped satchel (2nd Pictured) and love it! I have gotten many compliments on it. I use it for work and I can pack lots of stuff in it. I think you should definitely go for the 2nd one!
  5. I bought the first one and I LOVE it! Was thinking about getting the 2nd one but IMO I thought it was too wide. The small tote fits all my essentials and it was cheaper too!
  6. i like the shape of the second bag.
  7. I like them both, and would be happy if my hubby gave me either.
  8. the 2nd one has a little more jazz to it.
  9. My personal choice would be the second one.
  10. i prefer the shape of the second bag
  11. How much does your wife carry on a daily basis?

  12. Addy, she currently owns a small purse, something equivalent to the Small Sling bag.
    She doesn't carry much because it is a small bag.
    But she sure does try to cram many items in there.

    Thanks everyone. I think I like the 2nd bag better too.
    Now here is the kicker... she went out today and almost bought a new purse.

    How do I hold her off from buying a bag without letting her know that I am going to buy her a Burberry?
  13. ^^^ There should be ample room for her things plus more in the second bag (which I like more also)...

    Tell her you don't like the style that she is considering buying :graucho:
  14. I love the second bag. It's a classic and you definitely don't have to worry about buying a fad bag. I would love to have it as part of my collection.
  15. I vote for the second one :smile: