HELP ME clean out the ADS!

  1. tPF has been taking a strong stance against counterfeit items from its very creation. In order to support this growing community and the monthly expenses, I've places Google ads throughout the forum again.

    Obviously, there is also advertisers that are promoting counterfeit replicas. Should you stumble upon an ad that links to a counterfeit site, I would kindly ask you to copy the address and post it in this thread.

    Keep tPF clean! :idea:

  2. you got it..Thanks Vlad
  3. Also, there is plenty of wholesale sources that don't need to be shown. I would appreciate having those pointed out as well.
  4. No problem Vlad!
  5. Got it [​IMG]
  6. I will sign up for Ad Patrol! LOL
  7. I think Ebay can be ok, but I dont know how to take it out of this ad that I copied and pasted.
  8. Thanks everyone!!!!

    We know how the ads can be annoying, but we desperately need them there with the new server (2 powerful machines now bayba!!) So help us clean up the ads so they are better for you all to view and better for our site to run!! :heart:
  9. Thanks, added the mentioned ones.