Help me clean my white Balenciaga

  1. Ink stains from jeans
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  2. Hi Elliespurse. Thanks! It rained unexpectedly during my tour (causing the dye transfer). I've just seen the thread and posted a new one :smile:
  3. I'm a bit worried about the material when being rubbed. I tried cleaning myself. This one, I must say is 'hardest' to manage. Thanks for sharing.

    I'll try bringing mine to a bag spa and see if they have something to sell or can do something about this...

  4. Sorry, I'm new to this blog site and not sure how to join in.. But my main concern is dye transfer from jeans into light colored bag. I want to get this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag Burg Colorblock and worried!! I was told today that dye transfer is just a risk taken when wearing a light colored bag!! I need a solution as well. I did try a conditioner that I bought from Nordstrom on one of my other light colored bags and scrubbed with WHITE cloth and some dye came out!! Hope that helps a bit.
  5. Hi,
    Try a slightly damp Magic Eraser. It works great on white leather shoes.
  6. ^^I wouldn't do magic eraser with Bal, it's just too harsh. I've tried meltonian cleanser and LMB luxury cleanser Bal with color transfer issue and both work quite well though.
  7. Me too. I won't risk my bag. Thanks livy1888

  8. Balenciaga is soft and has delicate material