Help me clean my Coach bag!

  1. I am new to this whole forum/thread thing - and I tried asking this yesterday, but don't know where it is now! Anyway - please help - my 3 yr old daughter spilled pink nail polish all over my Coach bag and I can't get it out! Any tricks to get it out would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Nail Polish! Yikes that is a tough one, I did once use plain old eraser to get an ink stain out of one of my bags, it was not my coach one though. You could always try it though, eraser is not that risky. Just DON'T use nail polish remover, eats things, not pretty. Good Luck!
  3. Ooooh, bummer! Is the bag fabric, leather, suede, or something else?
  4. Are you close to a boutique? If you bring it in they can help suggest things. Usually it will be their products (leather or signature cleaner). Otherwise it will be something that they heard of but will come with a "But I don't know if it works" tag or "You can try it, but be careful". So whatever you do, they won't be responsable.