Help! Me Chosse Sacochee MM or Cabas Whistler???*PICS*


Which Bag Should I Get???

  1. Get Cabas Whistler

  2. Get Sacochee MM

  3. Get Both

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  1. Hey kids Daddy is gonna get a new babay and need's help Choosing:nuts: Should I get the Fall Winter 2006 Cabas Whistler or the Spring Summer Sacochee MM in Maroon Fonce or Both:confused1: Please help me choose I have untill
    (Tuesday) to decide:graucho:

    Cabas Whistler



    Sacochee MM P.S the one pictured is the GM


  2. I'm a bigger fan of the Cabas Whistler... it's effing GORGEOUS. :drool:
  3. Whistler!!!
  4. Thanx john and kasumi!
  5. Sacochee MM, I only saw one in brown but it is GORGEOUS. I wanted to get one for myself.

    But you can't go wrong either way!
  6. ok that counts for both:p lol
  7. YES!! I voted for "get both"!!;)
  8. you are verry bad do you know:confused1: :devil:
  9. anyone else:shrugs: come on I have all night:biggrin:
  10. Oh boy, that Cabas Whistler looks so great and gets my vote! The MM looks a little more common. I say Cabas!
  11. yay one more vote for Whistler:wlae:

    yeah I agree the Sacochee looks common like all the bags that men that work in office buildings carry they all look like the Sacochee:nuts:
  12. I saw the Sacoche MM in caramel and loved it. The leather looks great, and it's so light that it can fold into a small pack. Ask the SA how to do it. The other color, marron fonce, should look good too. Looks like a classic.
  13. Oh there both are stunning - you Need both:graucho:
  14. I much prefer the Soana- the Whistler is nice, but you'd always have to carry it. I love the Soana's different forms (hand tote, shoulder tote, messenger, folded messenger, etc.)
  15. my store doesn't have it so I would only come home with a recipt:push: and I haven't see it IRL
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.