Help Me Chose...

  1. I've decided that Labor Day weekend, I'm going to go buy my first Coach handbag. The problem is...I don't konw which one to get. I've been wavering between the Chelsea Optic Signature Hobo
    or the Soho Signature Patchwork Hobo

    If anyone has any suggestions that'd be great. Also does anyone know when the new line will be posted on the website?
  2. For sure the Optic Signature Hobo. I personally do not like the other one you have posted. I was thinking about getting the Optic Signature Satchel in black.
  3. If this is your first Coach, I think you should get the black optic hobo. It's a neutral color and will go with anything. I have last year's version and it's great.

    I'm not too fond of the red trim on the patchwork hobo, but that's just me. Unless you have alot of red clothing for the fall season, go for the black one instead.
  4. Choose the optic signature hobo, black goes with everything and can be used year round.
  5. Definitely optic sig. hobo in black. Everytime when I see the other one, it always looks fake to me.
  6. Yea, the optic hobo in black would be great!
  7. I agree w/ everyone else the optic hobo. I really love the turnlock, if nothing I really like comes out anytime soon on coachs website, I think I'm going to get the black optic hobo. I don't have any black bags so this would be perfect for Fall.
  8. i like the optic hobo in black
  9. Here I am the oddball! :nuts:
    I prefer the Soho Signature Patchwork Hobo. :P
    The black optic just doesnt appeal to me.
    I am a real sucker for the Hobo shape.... maybe because I dont own any bags in this style. :shrugs:
  10. I'm not a huge fan of either. I just don't like patchwork and the I find the signature optic in black a little too intense for me. Regardless, I would go to the store and see them in person and just fall in love with one. That's what happened to me and my signature optic tote in yellow. I saw it and knew it needed to come home with me. Enjoy the first purchase, but be wary, because you'll want to make the second purchare right away. :smile: