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  1. Ok, so after seeing Lynn's post about the Vegas boutique having lots of the shoes I've been searching for, I've decided to narrow it down and only get 2 pairs, the decollette and the rolando. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get the rolando in red patent (wine) instead of black but I'm not sure how to size in them. I wear a US 8, average width, and mostly wear a 38.5 in loubs (VP, Simple, Yoyo etc). What size would you ladies recommend? 39? 39.5?

    Also, I'm having a very hard time deciding between the red and violet grease decollettes. I know I'm going to get the wine rolandos, but I figure the red grease would be a different enough color. I haven't seen a picture of those, only the violet, so I'm not really sure which one to get. I'm thinking red would be like a hot Dorothy-esque shoe, but I love the purple ones someone posted a few days ago. I'm also trying to think in terms of practicality- red would go with more, no? Sizing advice is also needed- I know most people size a full size up in decollettes but since they're patent should I go up even another 1/2 size?

    Ok- thanks for reading my novel, and for your help ladies!
  2. With the Rolando's I sized up 1/2 size from my regular CL size. I think that is the right size, but it has become apparent to me in wearing NP's and the Rolandos that one foot is smaller than the other. (It was also very obvious to the SA when I was at NM the way my foot fit in the shoe and how the sling kept slipping off one. Obviously the height of the heel pushes my feet far forward so I never realized it before. ) And get the wine. It is so so gorgeous.

    As for decollettes I don't have much experience. But I think the violet would be fun if you get the wine rolando's. I you go black for Rolando, get the red in the decollettes.
  3. hey LGS. I think you should get a 39 in the Rolandos. I'm also a size US 8 and normally a 38.5 in CLs (VPs, Simples, and Yoyos too), and I got the EB suede Rolandos in a 38.5 and they were definitely too small. I think a 39 would have been perfect. The wine is such a gorgeous color.

    I think the red grease decollettes would be soooo cute...just like Dorothy's shoes. But since you are getting the wine in the Rolandos, I would get the purple in the decolletes. But if you decide you like the red better, I think they are different enough to justify owning both.
  4. I would get a 39.5 because I wear a 38.5 in most CL's but the toe box was STILL too small for me on my wine rolandos... I have long toes though
  5. Oo_let_me_see- have you tried on the patent rolandos? I know you sized up a full size in the suede but I'm wondering how the fit of the suede compares to the patent. Btw- I'm still drooling over your EBs!

    Seems like you both agree if I get wine I should get purple, so I think I'll go that route. Wish I could get both colors of the decollettes!! When can I just win the lottery?!?

    EDIT: Sorry Noe, just have been typing when you responded! If you sized up another 1/2 size, would the heels slip out? That's the only thing I'm worried about.
  6. ^ Letsgoshopping, I swear we share the same brain! Every time I'm considering a certian pair, you are too! I saw Lynn's post earlier today as well, and am also trying to figure out sizing on the Rolandos. I'm so confused :confused1:

    BUT, I think if you get the wine Rolandos you should switch it up colorwise and go for the violet Decolletes. I haven't seen the red grease paint ones though so I haven't had the chance to fall in love with those yet. If I saw them, it might be a different story. But I like your idea best- win the lotto and get both colors! LOL!
  7. letsgoshopping, my EBs are gone. They were just too tight. :crybaby: I will be looking for the 39s when I'm off my ban though.

    I tried on the wine patent Rolandos at Saks and found a perfect fit, but I can't remember if they were 38.5s or 39s (I didn't buy them because I was looking for the black). No help there. They were definitely not 39.5s though, so I don't think I would go higher than a 39 for you.
  8. I would suggest you get a 39 in the decolletes since they are patent and won't stretch like kidskin. I wear a US 9-9.5 and I take a 40 in most CL's. I had to go to a 40.5 for my patent decolletes.

    As for the color, do you have enough in your wardrobe to take the purple? I love the color also, but if red will go with more in your wardrobe then it will be different enought from the wine Rolandos.
  9. If it helps I'm a 37/7 and my Rolandos were TTS (37/7) whilst my patent decolletes were up half a size (37.5/7.5) :shrugs:
  10. I wouldn't go up too much in your Decolletes. They run small, but no absurdly small. A 39 should do it. If you go too big you won't be able to keep them on in the back. :Push:

    I'm partial to the Violet. It's an unexpected color, but the Grease has so many colors within it, that almost makes them neutral. Good luck and let us know what you decide. :flowers:

    ps You are going to love your Red Rolandos too! :love:
  11. I'd get the red rolandos and the violet decollete zeppas. I'm not going to chime in on sizing advice, since everybody else already did. LOL
  12. i can't say anything about sizing since i dont have those styles but i happen to love the purple greasepaints. plus, and maybe this is just me, other than brown and black, i try and buy 1 pair in each color so i can have a whole rainbow. if you're getting the wine i think the purple would be awesome! i have a purple bag (and purple cls but i haven't worn them yet!) and it goes with EVERYTHING.