Help me chose SO a wallet? Please?

  1. So I want to get my SO a LV wallet for his birthday but I just don't know which one, all I know is he wants it to have a coin pocket so if anyone has ideas?
    Also I have the multicolore koala wallet and it's got chocolate on it, what do i do? Clean it with special stuff?
    Its just a tiny bit from inside my bag iim annoyed :sad:
  2. Ooh get the damier Brazza! I am getting my bf that one, maybe for X'mas! It is a longer wallet, very slim but with lots of CC slots, a pocket for bills and a zippered coin compartment! Oh and baby-wipe your koala! It should come right off!
  3. The Brazza wallet would be good.
  4. thanks girls :smile: *runs to check LV*
  5. My husband bought the Utah billfold a few months ago while we were shopping in Paris. It is perfect for him because he doesnt like the mono or any other recognizable LV print. The leather is sooo nice so you really need to check it out in person. It is a great quality wallet.
  6. Oh the Utah and Taiga are super nice and reasonable too! I may have to rethink the Brazza... I think my bf prefers folding wallets anyway and I prefer a more understated look. The Utah men's compact wallet is TDF - 9 CC slots, an ID window and a coin compartment! It's not cheap though. :sad:
  7. dumb question- what is an SO?

  8. Significant Other
  9. Yo.

    I carry a Nomad (caramel)

    It's sexy looking and the leather quality is one of the best LV 's got.

    It's still a couple of notches below Hermes, but it's classy, sophisticated, and distinguished.

    check it out.
  10. Husband has a Nomade Wallet with a Coin Pocket in Black. He bought it the last time he was at home in Brussels to visit his mom.

    It's a lovely wallet :smile:

    He says it cost around 400 EUR when he bought it
  11. If you have to have a coin pocket, then go for the new damier azur wallet. Damier Azur Porte-Billets CC Monnaie.

  12. I got my hubby a Taiga (not sure which one) but I included a pic below...

    Try the Taiga Magellan, it has a coin slot.

    Good luck
    Inside Taiga.JPG