Help me chose my very first Celine pleaaase!!

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  1. Hi Ladies!

    So I am about to buy my first ever Celine handbag -finally- !!
    I have been eying on the luggage mini for months but I also like the phantom.
    A friend of mine told me that the mini is too "lady-ish", the phantom is more relax do you agree with her ?
    So now im considering the phantom but still not sure, please help!! Also here are several colors I like I don't know which one to chose, which do you prefer and what is the name of the red color ?

    Thanks a lot

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  2. I have both the mini and a phantom croc embossed. While I don't think the mini is too ladylike, I do tend to use it on more work-related occasions. I do think phantom is more casual but still very elegant.

    Win that said, I think the red is gorgeous but if I do it all over again, I'd still go for my black croc. Hope this helps!!
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    I don't know about the croc... there are too many fakes around, plus I don't like when there is no logo outside. I live in a city where people carry a lot of fake, I don't want to be confused with them and I think that the croc embossed leather does not look like real leather so you can't really see the difference.

    I like the beige one but it's kinda boring..
    And red, I won't be able to wear it everyday
    Black? yea why not.. although I did not fall for it when I saw it IRL
  4. Phantom is really heavy, I have the phantom croc print leather one, hardly used it as it's too heavy, you will use Mini more for sure! xx
  5. The Mini is such a gorgeous bag. I think you can definitely pull if off as a casual look. Personally I think you should go with the bag that you love and the fact you've been eyeing up the mini for months is suggestive :smile: I love red bags and wear them all the time!
  6. i actually think both bags are quite "lady-ish" - just depends on what you wear with it! The mini I find definitely has more of a "corporate" look..guess it depends when and how often you like to use it! I ended up going the Phantom just cos I do think it has that more casual feel to it. As for colours, I've seen that burgundy before in real life but think it doesn't do that colour justice when it's on the phantom or luggage. I've seen it on Tie bag and it's lovely or nano luggage. If it's your first Celine bag, I would say go Black (but I'm biased as that's what I did!). If you are going for an iconic bag, classic colours are always the best!
  7. I like the phantom better but it is heavy. Beige can be a great color actually, because it goes with anything and is all season. I used to think it boring too, but now appreciate its usefulness.
  8. I prefer the Mini, have two of them!! One big advantage the Mini has a zipper but Phantom does not! Since I have two Minis I may get a Phantom later. If you like a floppy less structured bag than the Phantom would be better but if you like structured, go for Mini!
  9. I would go for the mini as I could probably fit both me and my dog in a phantom. They're gorgeous bags, but they are just SO huge! (And quite heavy) It's great for traveling, but I think it may be a bit much for everyday use :smile:
  10. Red!! you can always have black bags but a Celine Phantom in red is a statement!! I have the red and I love it!! :smile: :yahoo:
  11. What did you end up buying?
  12. Ooh, I'd love to know what you decided, too!

    All are great choices. I have 3 of the 4 (black croc stamped, beige, black) and I love them all so much. lulilu is right about beige. It really is so versatile. I was considering the red phantom when it was out, but ended up passing on it because I wasn't sure if I would wear it often.
  13. +1:smile:
  14. I would go with mini :smile:
    Please do share what you got! :biggrin: