Help me chose between EDITH and CHLOE?



  1. CHLOE

  2. EDITH

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  1. EDITH OR CHLOE? in a whiskey color.
  2. Maybe you wanted to say :
    Edith or Paddington...
  3. Chloe? You mean a Paddy? Either way, I chose the Edith.
  4. iIf you don't mind the hand held bag for got Edith.
  5. Um....i'm totally confused.......?
  6. She probably means the Paddington, since Edith IS a Chloe bag. I say go with the Edith. Greater longevity and not as trendy.
  7. Ooooh, this is hard since I looooooove both so much! My Edith was gorgeous, all scrumply and great to look at. It just didn't fit over my shoulder. I'm on the hunt again for the perfect one.

    My chocolate paddy is my love though. It's chic, young and fits over my shoulder. If I could only have one I think I would choose the paddington. It's much "younger" than the Edith. Also, I don't have a lot to carry to warrant Edith being my only Chloe bag.

    Edith may prove to be more timeless than the Paddington but the paddy is still extremely popular and continues to go strong!
  8. OMG yes, lol i am such a retard. EXCUSE ME!!!
  9. HOW DO I EDIT IT. I am very slow today,its the weather here in New york thats causing this slow behavior.
  10. Edith, I think it's a little more unusual and a great classic shape, that's the next one I have my eye on.......
  11. I don't think I will ever get sick of looking at my Paddington bags. But I sometimes wonder if I'll ever tire of my Ediths? I love that I can get the Paddy over my shoulder in hands-free times. Case in point: Last week I splattered cofee all over my choco Edith when I removed the cup from the microwave. Luckily I was able to wipe it off before it absorbed and Leather CPR'd the areas upon arriving home that afternoon. Good as new now, but that never happens with a Paddy because I can tuck the bag safely behind me while carrying beverages!

    If that were my chamois Edith I'm not sure she would have survived the mishap so gracefully due to the lighter color and more porous leather.

    Consider very carefully whether a strictly hand-held bag is for you or not. Because even a small person might not feel comfortable with Edith on the shoulder for long periods of time.
  12. I voted Chloe Paddington in whiskey (assuming you meant Paddy). I have the whiskey Paddy and the whiskey Edith. I love them both but I still love the Paddy style more than the Edith (hence I have 5 Paddies and 1 Edith).
  13. i vote for edith compared with paddy.
  14. i voted paddy. i feel the edith is too big and mature for me :smile:
  15. Wow... lots of Edith love here!!! :love: :love: