Help me chose a New Louis Vuitton!

  1. *Choose
    Should i get the Sevigne PM epi Black or Brea MM epi red?
    I just wanted a LV epi leather in my collection and is debating between these too. the Sevigne PM is very affordable for a epi line.
    and i love the Brea since is came out.
    lvnew.JPG brealv.JPG
  2. Brea MM ;)
  3. Brea mm for sure
  4. brea mm!!!!!!!
  5. Brea :tup:
  6. Brea!
  7. The Brea!its getting warm so.. it would be perfect for spring/summer.

    you can always go back to LV and get fall/winter bag! =)
  8. Definitely BREA MM
  9. Brea!
  10. Brea!!!!!!!
  11. Brea!
  12. Brea for work and the other for dinner and dates... It depends which you rather use for!
  13. brea
  14. Loved the look of the sevigne, but I guess brea might be more practical?
  15. I like Brea MM better.