*HELP* me chooseee (between stam shoulder)

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  1. 1300$ for a bal harbour?? what color was it?? is it the tote?? and how long ago did you get it?? i dunno if you're familiar with eBay, but i almost bought one for 500$ on layaway, and there's one on sale for 899$ , you can always have them authenticate it. anyway, i choose the 2nd, if you're like most of us, you already have a few neutrals, you need a pop of color, this will do it.

    good luck and let us know what you got.
  2. I like the second one because it's more fun but the third one is very classy and will dress up anything.
  3. Dose that website sell authentic stuff??
  4. Yes, Diabro.net is a trusted website on this forum.
  5. It depends what you are looking for. If you need a punch of color I would choose the second one. If you are looking for a classic neutral I would choose the third one. Good luck with your decision!
  6. go with the blue one. the color is great. it'll give a bold pop of color to your casual everyday outfits especially if you're like me and tend to wear a lot of neutrals.
  7. The Blue or White. Gorgeous!
  8. I bought the Bal Harbour in Eggshell (White) from Neiman Marcus. It's beautiiiifffulllll :heart:

    Yes, I've seen some on eBay- and I've heard the ones on eBay (The ones I asked about were Authentic) but I can't use EBAY :sad:
    My little sister used to mess around with the account and I can't seem to resolve the problem.. they won't email me or anything .. Boo!!! & Yup, it was the same price as Stam ($1275)
  9. Yes.. I think I like the Blue one!!! ^_^*

    But I have to wait to buy .. gotta save first.
    I'm praying it will still be available *crossing fingerS*

    thanks guys!
  10. Yes, my vote is for blue as well. I do like the ivory, but I love a stam in color.
  11. Yeeeesss, the bal harbor in eggshell is really beautiful. I have one too. I also have the capra in eggshell..... So, I will vote for the ivory color for the small stam. I have things for white color bags!!!