Help me choose!!!

  1. Firstly, thanks to all the ladies who replied to my thread.

    Currently I want a bbag for school as it's sooo light & the leather's soo addictive. My school's schedule do not require me to spend much time in school and we move from class to class. I will be able to hold on to my bag and that's where the prob lies.

    I like the natural city and I think i can take care of it. But Im uncertain if i really can since a few commented that it will get dirty easily. And is city a right size for me? The weekender and work looks big for me since I will be stuffing a4 papers and my lappie is smaller than a4. With a bottle of water, do you think city suffice to the call?

    I'm considering marine, glacier bleu, natural with/without the GH.

    Besides, do you all think GH is just a phase & i should just get one with the brass instead? For those who have GH bbags, do you feel that the bags weigh heavier than the normal brass hardware ones??

    I have a sudden love for marine & GH.... I'm not sure why.

    Pls help me choose ladies!!! x)

    lotsa love :heart: :heart:
  2. Oh I ll be heading down to the boutique later for the colours available. BUt perhaps I will get from aloharag instead since i heard many good comments about it. This is my first bbag and I want to do it well lols! WIll keep you all updated!
  3. If you're in school, definitely get a darker bag. You may take great care of it, but if surfaces aren't really clean, and people are bumping into you while changing classes, there will be wear and tear. Darker will keep you happier in the long run.

    I think Marine is a great choice. Very classy and absolutely gorgeous. However, even though the GH looks great on Marine, it does make the bag heavier. When you go to the boutique, put a couple of books in the bag to see how heavy it gets. I would actually choose the Marine with regular hardware, as it will be great for school AND for when you're out of school looking for a job. The GH will be a little flashy IMHO. Of course, whether that matters will depend on your field...
  4. thanks highglossfinish :smile:
    just wondering if marine will suit spring/summer colours since its dark and more suited for f/w bag instead?
  5. There's a real brightness to it in sunlight...not quite as much as Blueberry, but it's there. I think it will be a great summer bag!

    Maybe someone who already owns Marine can weigh in on that particular question!