help me choose!

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  1. i can't decide which one i should keep...please help me!

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  2. I would assume you cannot keep all three?? They are beautiful! Tough choice for sure. If someone told me I could keep just one I think it would be the gray SDJ. The only reason I would not keep the Ant is the color, it would be difficult to take care of. Good luck!
  3. I like the black SDJ
  4. They're all beautiful!
    I would go for the SDJ in the grey if you already have a staple black bag or something similar in black. If not then go for the SDJ in black. The antigona is lovely but because of the colour you may be limited in styling options and its appearance as it ages.

    LOVE the black SDJ though :loveeyes: Good luck!
  5. The grey SDJ, the black is lovely but I prefer the grey as an alternation, can be matched with more and can be used as both a summer and winter bag. Looooove the givenchy Antigona but that colour may not be practical. It may be especially prone to colour transfer. X
  6. Grey sdj

  7. sentiments exactly
  8. This feels like sacrilege since we're on the Givenchy forum in but go with the gray SDJ...yum!
  9. Is that a mini antigona or a small? If it's a small, I'd keep the antigona. If not, the black sac de jour. Good luck!
  10. Grey or black SDJ. I've just bought the grey today (already own several black bags) and it's a lovely, neutral alternative to black. The mini Ant is cute but as others have said, the colour could be a nightmare to maintain.
  11. Hard to choose since I'm in love with the Antigona :heart:
    However, I don't think I'd choose that size or color ..
    Out of the two SDJs I'd choose the grey :heart:

    Good luck dear ..

  12. +1

    Unless you decided to change your mind and go for a small grey/black Antigona.
  13. Grey !!!
  14. I'm prob not much help but I'd choose Antigona in black or grey instead of the light color. I also prefer the sac du jour in black croc stamped, it's beautiful. GL deciding.
  15. I like the Givenchy! May I know where did you buy that? I was looking for that color for a long time.